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This is 2018

Wow, what a year! It’s been an absolute pleasure to see all the amazing moments our This is Reportage photographers have been capturing in 2018; a true honour to be able to showcase and celebrate the real art that is documentary wedding photography. It’s been our inaugural year, too, and we’ve been totally humbled at the reception we’ve received; we’d love to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our over 500 members worldwide; it’s been such a pleasure to work with you all – and getting to meet so many of you in person at our party last week, too!

Another year gone by in a flash; another year of amazing weddings all over the world. We thought it’d be nice to do a little ‘year in review’ kind of post, so we asked our members to send us a few of their favourite moments captured in 2018. What follows is an absolutely *brilliant* selection of images – moment after moment captured by some of the very best wedding photographers in the world.

All of these captures have been chosen by our photographers as some of their own personal favourites – not ‘the’ favourite (how difficult would it be to only choose one single favourite from a whole season?), but definitely up there in their top 5. We all have so many different reasons as to why some captures become our favourites; an exceptionally emotional moment, perhaps, a laugh-out-loud “I can’t believe that just happened!” moment, or perhaps just because there’s something about it which we love. Something that draws us in, brings us back to that moment in time, or simply just makes us smile…

So without further ado, here are a selection of 2018 favourite captures by over 120 of our members.

No poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

best documentary wedding photographers in the world - Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas (USA) – Website / This is Reportage profile

Steven Herrschaft
Steven Herrschaft (Germany) – Website / TiR

Ash Davenport
Ash Davenport (UK) – Website / TiR

Siliang Wang
Siliang Wang (USA) – Website / TiR

Lea Torrieri
Lea Torrieri (France) – Website / TiR

Linda Bouritius
Linda Bouritius (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Martin Makowski
Martin Makowski (UK) – Website / TiR

Fabio Mirulla
Fabio Mirulla (Italy) – Website / TiR

Andrew Billington
Andrew Billington (UK) – Website / TiR

Tobias Lohr
Tobias Löhr (Germany) – Website / TiR

Kim Rooijackers
Kim Rooijackers (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Mark Wallis
Mark Wallis (UK) – Website / TiR

Mark Capilitan
Mark Capilitan (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Patrick Engel
Patrick Engel (Germany) – Website / TiR

Soven Amatya
Soven Amatya (UK) – Website / TiR

Adam Lowndes
Adam Lowndes (UK) – Website / TiR

Ray Anthony Iavasile
Ray Anthony Iavasile (USA) – Website / TiR

Menino Conhece Menina
Menino Conhece Menina (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Bianca Van Schaik
Bianca van Schaik (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Frank Martini
Frank Martini (Germany) – Website / TiR

Kevin Kheffache
Kevin Kheffache (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Kristian Leven
Kristian Leven (UK) – Website / TiR

Jeremy Fiori
Jeremy Fiori (France) – Website / TiR

Pete Farrell
Pete Farrell (UK) – Website / TiR

Jess Yarwood
Jess Yarwood (UK) – Website / TiR

Sara Kirkham
Sara Kirkham (UK) – Website / TiR

Nikos Tsiokas
Nikos Tsiokas (Greece) – Website / TiR

Victoria Sprung
Victoria Sprung (USA) – Website / TiR

Eduardo Blanco
Eduardo Blanco (Spain) – Website / TiR

Gaelle Le Berre
Gaelle Le Berre (France) – Website / TiR

Darren Kirwan
Darren Kirwan (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Andras Rabloczky
Andras Rabloczky (Hungary) – Website / TiR

Martin Hecht
Martin Hecht (Germany) – Website / TiR

Chris Kemp
Chris Kemp (UK) – Website / TiR

Martin Beddall
Martin Beddall (UK) – Website / TiR

Damir Plavotic
Damir Plavotic (Croatia) – Website / TiR

This Modern Love
This Modern Love (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Dagmara Bojenko
Dagmara Bojenko (France) – Website / TiR

Joe Short
Joe Short (UK) – Website / TiR

Shane O'Neill
Shane O’Neill (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Carlos Porfirio
Carlos Porfirio (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Emma Warley
Emma Warley (UK) – Website / TiR

Rafe Abrook
Rafe Abrook (UK) – Website / TiR

Philip Barrett
Philip Barrett (UK) – Website / TiR

Peter van der Lingen
Peter van der Lingen (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell (UK) – Website / TiR

David Scholes
David Scholes (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Tansley
Paul Tansley (UK) – Website / TiR

Shlomi Amiga
Shlomi Amiga (Canada) – Website / TiR

Sharron Gibson
Sharron Gibson (UK) – Website / TiR

Charlie Campey
Charlie Campey (UK) – Website / TiR

Olly Knight
Olly Knight (UK) – Website / TiR

Richard Brown
Richard Brown (UK) – Website / TiR

Lionel Taplin
Lionel Taplin (UK) – Website / TiR

Nadine Lotz
Nadine Lotze (Germany) – Website / TiR

Paul Fox Richards
Paul Fox Richards (UK) – Website / TiR

Ken Pak
Ken Pak (USA) – Website / TiR

Andy Li
Andy Li (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher (UK) – Website / TiR

Alexa Poppe
Alexa Poppe (UK) – Website / TiR

Erica Hawkins
Erica Hawkins (UK) – Website / TiR

Brittany Diliberto
Brittany Diliberto (USA) – Website / TiR

Razvan Danaila
Razvan Danaila (UK) – Website / TiR

Lyndsey Goddard
Lyndsey Goddard (UK) – Website / TiR

Melanie Cornish
Melanie Cornish (UK) – Website / TiR

Richard Howman
Richard Howman (UK) – Website / TiR

Ben Kelmer
Ben Kelmer (Israel) – Website / TiR

Bhavna Barratt
Bhavna Barratt (UK) – Website / TiR

Kirsteen Hogg
Kirsteen Hogg (UK) – Website / TiR

Liam Carroll
Liam Carroll (UK) – Website / TiR

Helen Howard
Helen Howard (UK) – Website / TiR

Andrew Keher
Andrew Keher (UK) – Website / TiR

Emil Boczek
Emil Boczek (UK) – Website / TiR

Rohit Gautam
Rohit Gautam (UK) – Website / TiR

Simone Miglietta
Simone Miglietta (Italy) – Website / TiR

Lucy Judson
Lucy Judson (UK) – Website / TiR

Tunde Koncsol
Tunde Koncsol (Hungary) – Website / TiR

Rob Dodsworth
Rob Dodsworth (UK) – Website / TiR

Berni Palumbo
Berni Palumbo (UK) – Website / TiR

alexander ziegler
Alexander Ziegler (Germany) – Website / TiR

Gosia Fothergill
Gosia Fothergill (UK) – Website / TiR

Andy Girffiths
Andy Griffiths (UK) – Website / TiR

S2 Images
S2 Images (UK) – Website / TiR

Caan Segeren-Doherty
Caan Segeren-Doherty (UK) – Website / TiR

Annie Kheffache
Annie Kheffache (Ireland) – Website / TiR

patrick and hollie - mand g
Patrick and Hollie (M and G Photographic) (UK) – Website / TiR

Silvia Taddei
Silvia Taddei (Italy) – Website / TiR

nuno lopes
Nuno Lopes (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Josh Tomalin
Josh Tomalin (UK) – Website / TiR

Red on Blonde
Red on Blonde Photography (UK) – Website / TiR

David Murphy
David Murphy (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Duncan Mein
Duncan Mein (UK) – Website / TiR

Tim Hills
Tim Hills (UK) – Website / TiR

Nick Brightman
Nick Brightman (UK) – Website / TiR

Leonard Walpot
Leonard Walpot (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Janina Brocklesby
Janina Brocklesby (UK) – Website / TiR

James White
James White (UK) – Website / TiR

Nicola Dawson
Nicola Dawson (UK) – Website / TiR

Vivienne Cruddace
Vivienne Cruddace (UK) – Website / TiR

John Steel
John Steel (UK) – Website / TiR

Pete Martin
Pete Martin (USA) – Website / TiR

Matteo Carta
Matteo Carta (Italy) – Website / TiR

Maryline Krynicki
Maryline Krynicki (France) – Website / TiR

Johnny Shryock
Johnny Shryock (USA) – Website / TiR

Andy Withey
Andy Withey (UK) – Website / TiR

Nicole Sanchez
Nicole Sanchez (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Nick Haigh
Nick Haigh (UK) – Website / TiR

Richard Galloway
Richard Galloway (UK) – Website / TiR

Jacques Lloyd
Jacques Lloyd (UK) – Website / TiR

Eneka Stewart
Eneka Stewart (UK) – Website / TiR

Arjan Barendregt
Arjan Barendregt (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Clive Blair
Clive Blair (UK) – Website / TiR

Valter Antunes
Valter Antunes (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Barry Robb
Barry Robb (UK) – Website / TiR

Robin Goodlad
Robin Goodlad (UK) – Website / TiR

Mitzy Geluk
Mitzy Geluk (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Shauna Benoit
Shauna Benoit (USA) – Website / TiR

Karen Flower
Karen Flower (UK) – Website / TiR

Christoforos Mechanezidis
Christoforos Mechanezidis (Germany) – Website / TiR

Niels Gerhardt
Niels Gerhardt (Germany) – Website / TiR

Cafa Liu
Cafa Liu (Canada) – Website / TiR

Michele Monasta
Michele Monasta (Italy) – Website / TiR

Anji Martin
Anji Martin (USA) – Website / TiR

Philippe Swiggers
Philippe Swiggers (Belgium) – Website / TiR

James Correia
James Correia (Canada) – Website / TiR

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