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Josh Tomalin

Manchester & Oxfordshire | United Kingdom

I'm Josh Tomalin and I take photos at weddings.

I believe that every wedding has beauty, humour and elegance and everyone deserves photos of these moments. My approach is candid, photographing the spontaneous fun in front of me rather than bossing people into cheesy smiles. Some people call it documentary, others call it reportage.

I call it wedding photography that doesn't suck.

If you've ever been to a wedding you'll agree most wedding photography is dull. Group shot after group shot, selective colour, wacky poses, cutesy filters, forced grinning for the camera... boring, generic and phoney. Worse than that, who wants to spend hours of their wedding day at a photo-shoot when there are old friends to embrace, there is Champagne to be drunk and dances to be had?

I won't stalk you from behind a tree with a huge lens and I won't be a wallflower. I'll flirt with your mum with a drink in my hand and tell dirty jokes with your groomsmen. I let people do their thing and click a shutter from time to time. You can take a look at my full portfolio and have a read of what my awesome couples have to say about my work at my website.

If you hate having your photo taken, if you've been to a wedding and spent two hours being ordered around by a photographer when you wanted to hit the bar, if you want to spend your wedding day with your nearest and dearest, if you want an alternative to the same old boring wedding photos as everyone else, if you want wedding memories as stylish as you are - then you might have found your wedding photographer.

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