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No poses, nothing staged:
This is Reportage

Moments come and go in an instant; what’s more precious than capturing them forever? This Is Reportage celebrates those wedding photographers who excel at doing exactly that, and doing so without interrupting your day, telling you what to do, or asking you to repeat things. Because, you’re there to marry the love of your life, aren’t you, rather than attending a photoshoot?

Of course, we’ve got nothing against wedding photographers who pose – and, indeed, some of the photographers on this site may still take the bride and groom away for some portraits, which is all good – what This Is Reportage is just featuring is the natural, unscripted, creative moment-capturing aspect of their work. Because, you know, there are already hundreds of other awards sites full of backlit off-camera flash night time portraits; we wanted a site where photographers can shout – and demonstrate! – about how important documentary wedding photography is to them.

For Brides and Grooms

Use our directory to tell us where your wedding is, and we’ll show you a whole bunch of talented moment-capturers; browse through their portfolio, check out their Reportage Awards and Story Awards, visit their websites. They all have their own distinct styles – that’s such a beauty of wedding photography, we’re all so different! – but what we can say is that, because they feature here, they capture most of your day (if not all) in an unobtrusive, reportage way, capturing those moments that are so important to you, without interference.

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Reportage Award by Menino Conhece Menina

Reportage Award by Menino Conhece Menina

Story Award by Philippe Swiggers

Story Award by Philippe Swiggers

For Photographers

We know that documentary wedding photography is a complete skill, and a complete art; we want to not only celebrate that, and promote it as a whole, but we also want to specifically promote you: Sign up to This Is Reportage and feature an unlimited number of images on your profile; showcase your greatest captures in our Reportage Awards; demonstrate your storytelling with our Story Awards.

As mentioned at the top of this page, you may still do some portraits or ‘couple time’ – and that’s totally fine; This Is Reportage is just about featuring the documentary aspect of your work, so as long as you cover the majority of the day like that – and at a high standard –  we’d love to feature you here.

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A little bit about me

Originally designed back in the winter of 2016, and launched in November 2017, This Is Reportage has been created – and is run by – me, Alan Law (Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Star, Top 5 Wedding Photojournalists in the UK 2017 (MyMemory), 150 Best International Wedding Photographers 2016 (SLR Lounge), Best Reportage Wedding Photographer (SWWA / 2013, 2014, & 2015), Top 10 Creative Wedding Photographers in the UK (Autographer), Top 9 Wedding Photographers in the UK (Brides Magazine), 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2016 (Purcell Studios)). I’m a wedding photographer London, UK and worldwide, as well as running TiR & TiR:F. You can hear me on our weekly wedding photography podcast too.

I’ve a love of documentary wedding photography – it’s what truly excites me about capturing a wedding, getting all those moments that are going to be (hopefully) cherished for years and years to come – and, slightly disillusioned with the way the wedding photography industry seemed to be leaning towards endless portraits of pretty people on top of mountains, I really felt like I wanted to do something to push back; to promote the meaning and power – and skill – of excellent documentary coverage. Et voila, This is Reportage.

Since launching (which was just ten months ago, at the time of writing this) we’ve grown to a community of over 450 photographers worldwide; really showing the world the importance, artistry and appetite for documentary wedding photography. Our Award Collections have featured only the very best, with just the top 4% of submissions – or less –  being awarded by our five judges (who change each round). Incredibly hard to win, but all the more valid because of that.

I thoroughly enjoy running This is Reportage; promoting and showcasing the very best in documentary wedding photography. It’s what I love to capture myself, as a working wedding photographer; it’s what I love to see and feature as a lover of photography. Moments really do matter most, and hopefully, through TiR, we can show the world the artistry and skill of reportage wedding photography.

*Reportage Award at top by David Scholes

TiR featured in Rangefinder Magazine

alan Law, founder of This is Reportage

Me, Alan Law, founder of This is Reportage

Aga Tomaszek

best reportage wedding photographers in the world

york place studios

best documentary wedding photographers

best reportage wedding photographers

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