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Podcast Episode 36: This is Jill Streefland

Excited to have the fab Jill Streefland on the podcast today. One of the best wedding photographers in the Netherlands and winner of 5 Reportage Awards and 2 Story Awards, Jill was in our top 30 photographers of 2019, and she shares so much with us today, including:

actually shooting a wedding during the middle of corona times,
shooting fellow wedding photographers’ weddings,
her past life as a dancer and its impact on her photography,
how she got into photography,
the story of her very first wedding,
some Netflix recommendations,
Dirty Dancing,
the importance of workshops,
her specific thoughts and tips regarding Story Awards,
the story behind one of specific Reportage Awards,
some life changes she will make going forwards,
word of mouth and social media,
living in the moment,
a memorable mistake,
her recent work in boudoir,
something that bugs her about our industry,
what drives her in life,
what happiness is to her,
advice for just starting out,
and much more…

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39 Photos That Have Had A Lasting Impact On These Photographers’ Lives

“Can you think of a certain photo that you took, that’s had some kind of lasting impact…perhaps that impact has been on your career, or your confidence, your direction, or just an image that’s just particularly memorable to you for some reason?”

That’s the question we asked our members recently (it’s something that we sometimes ask on our Podcast) – and what follows is an incredibly interesting and insightful read: 39 different photos from photographers all over the world, all of which have had some kind of lasting impact on them. They may be wedding images, or personal photos – even a couple of portraits are in here, which is a first from us! – but what they all have in common is their power to affect these photographers in some way.

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Podcast Episode 35: This is Ruan Redelinghuys

Welcome to the 35th episode of the This is Reportage Podcast, where it’s an absolute delight to be talking to the fantastic Ruan Redelinghuys! Ruan, based in South Africa, has been in our Top 30 Photographers for the past two years in a row, has won 10 Reportage Awards and 6 Story Awards, and just shares so much with us in the episode, including:

how he’s been coping with the pandemic and shooting face masks,
how he got into weddings,
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards,
tips for better coverage in general,
drive, inspiration and pushing himself,
flash and how he lights a dancefloor,
how SEO has been an important part of his business,
the importance of people to bounce ideas off,
his thoughts on shooting solo or with seconds,
a specific turning point in his career,
specific parts of the day that may have some nerves associated with them,
Canon and Sony,
specific tips on editing,
why digital signing of contracts is the way to go,
addressing your weaknesses head on,
and much more…

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Announcing our brand new sister-site, This is Reportage: Family

So excited today to announce the launch of our sister-site, This is Reportage: Family!

Showcasing the very best of documentary family photography, This is Reportage: Family will feature family photographers from all over the world, with Reportage Family Awards (for individual captures) and Family Story Awards (for a series of 15 – 20 images of a single family).

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Podcast Episode 34: This is Kim Hart Fotografie

Delighted to be talking to the fab Kim Hart Fotografie for today’s episode. Kim is one of the best wedding photographers in the Netherlands, has won 7 Reportage Awards from us, and was just so lovely to talk to – she shares so much great advice and thoughts here. My eight year old daughter was listening to me working on this episode and she said ‘wow, she’s so inspiring!’, and I totally agree. Stick with us today as Kim shares all about:

life in the pandemic and home-schooling her girls,
the story behind one of her specific Reportage Awards,
her soft-spot for the elderly,
why she’s particularly drawn to black and white,
how she came to be a wedding photographer,
her first paid wedding,
what success means to her,
how she does her family photography,
the specifics of her she mentors or coaches,
the importance of conferences and meeting people,
McDonald’s 😉
why she personally enters awards,
her top tips for better documentary captures,
advice for just starting out,
a certain image that has had a particular impact on her,
and much more…

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