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This Is How: ‘Molly in the Making’ by Lauren Brimhall

A real pleasure to have the fantastic Lauren Brimhall with us today, as she takes us behind the scenes of this striking capture. This is such an interesting and in-depth ‘This is How…’ article, with so many insightful nuggets; including tips about intuition, pre-visualisation, and hugely important lessons about determination and perseverance, in order to capture the best moments possible for our couples. Lauren also includes lots of supporting images, and shares some great insights into documentary wedding photography in general. Thanks so much, Lauren!

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This is 2018

Wow, what a year! It’s been an absolute pleasure to see all the amazing moments our This is Reportage photographers have been capturing in 2018; a true honour to be able to showcase and celebrate the real art that is documentary wedding photography. It’s been our inaugural year, too, and we’ve been totally humbled at the reception we’ve received; we’d love to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our over 500 members worldwide; it’s been such a pleasure to work with you all – and getting to meet so many of you in person at our party last week, too!

Another year gone by in a flash; another year of amazing weddings all over the world. We thought it’d be nice to do a little ‘year in review’ kind of post, so we asked our members to send us a few of their favourite moments captured in 2018. What follows is an absolutely *brilliant* selection of images – moment after moment captured by some of the very best wedding photographers in the world.

All of these captures have been chosen by our photographers as some of their own personal favourites – not ‘the’ favourite (how difficult would it be to only choose one single favourite from a whole season?), but definitely up there in their top 5. We all have so many different reasons as to why some captures become our favourites; an exceptionally emotional moment, perhaps, a laugh-out-loud “I can’t believe that just happened!” moment, or perhaps just because there’s something about it which we love. Something that draws us in, brings us back to that moment in time, or simply just makes us smile…

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This Is How: ‘Umbrellas and Cats’ by Shaunte’ Dittmar

Honoured to have the fantastic Shaunte’ Dittmar with us today (who was one of our judges for Collection Four), as she explains all about her thought process and how she captured this striking image. Great insights on composition, the benefits of having a second shooter, the important of making a connection with her couple, editing and more…thanks so much, Shaunte’!

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This Is How: ‘Eat This’ by Linda Bouritius

Today we bring you a fantastic ‘behind the scenes’ piece by Linda Bouritius, as she tells us all about her recent Reportage Award-winning shot from Collection Five. Linda’s thoughts on the discussion that this image created – both positive and negative – and the huge affect it had on her photography, are really profound; can’t recommend reading this piece enough! Thanks so much to Linda for being so open and sharing her thoughts like this.

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This Is How: ‘Emotional Boys’ by James White

Fantastic to have James White with us today, as he takes us behind the scenes of his Reportage Award-winning capture from back in Collection Five. Really great insights into shooting through the scene, observation, getting up close, capturing emotion, and a great run-down on his edit, too. Thanks so much, James!

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