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Podcast Episode 75: This is Marnix de Stigter

So great to talk to the fab Marnix de Stigter for our 75th episode! Marnix was not only in our Top 50 Photographers in the World for 2020 on TiR, but he was also 4th in the Netherlands, and also made our Top 25 Storytellers in the World list too – really remarkable achievements. He was really fun to talk to on the episode, with so many fun and interesting stories to share, including:

something a bit embarrassing that happened to him at a wedding, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards, why walking in the park and sitting on benches holds such resonance, his experience of living in China for over a year, his thoughts and advice on Story Awards, being, in his own words, ‘quite a geek’, and much more…

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Why Are You A Photographer?

We all have so many different reasons for being a photographer – so many different paths and journeys. We thought it would be interesting to ask our members their ‘Why’ – and here are 48 of their responses:

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Podcast Episode 74: This is Águeda Sanfiz

A real pleasure to chat to the very lovely Águeda Sanfiz for episode 74 of the Podcast! Águeda is a wonderful Spanish documentary photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida in the USA, and she recently won four Reportage Family Awards from us in a single Collection, which is no mean feat! As well as being a great photographer herself, she’s recently organised ‘Picture (im)Perfect’, an exhibition and book of documentary family photography – something we talk about on the episode today, along with many other things, including:

how picking up a camera when she was 19 for a road trip shaped her photography, the importance of patience and other top tips for documentary family photography, why you don’t always have to shoot fully manual, why its vital to be in your own family photographs, the story behind of her specific Reportage Family Awards, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 73: This is Patrick Lombaert

Excited to welcome the fab Patrick Lombaert on to our Podcast for episode 73! Patrick is one of the very best documentary wedding photographers in France, and was our 2nd-ranked French photographer for 2020, with 8 Reportage Awards and a Story Award. Not only is he a great photographer, but he has also very selflessly passed on his knowledge and helped out over 80 of his colleagues with over 170 hours of free online skype/zoom conversations too – something which I find truly remarkable, and we talk about that on the episode today, along with many other things, including:

why the good photographer is not the invisible one, the in-between moments, his own reasons for entering awards, shooting during covid times, how he became a photographer, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards, tips for if you’re feeling a bit unhappy or stagnated with your work, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 72: This is Ralu Chase

A real pleasure to chat to the fab Ralu Chase for episode 72 of the Podcast today! Ralu was ranked no.1 in the UK on This is Reportage: Family in 2020 (and 5th in the world), with 8 Reportage Family Awards and 2 Family Story Awards to her name, and I found it really inspiring talking to her. Tune in today as Ralu shares all about:

the story behind of her specific Family Story Awards that doesn’t actually show any people, her top tips for documentary family photography in general, what living in three different countries over two different continents has meant to her and her photography, our Netflix synopsis game, and so much more…

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