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Podcast Episode 65: This is Olivier Bolte

The fab Olivier Bolte is my guest on the Podcast for episode 65, and it was a real pleasure chatting with him. Olivier was our French Storyteller of the Year for 2020 on TiR, and he was also the overall French Photographer of the Year – and Storyteller! – on This is Reportage: Family; a truly incredible achievement. Olivier talks about lots of different topics on the episode today, including:

why there’s so much joy and happiness in his work (and why he’s attracted to that), his morning routine, our Netflix synopsis game, why he takes so long doing his slideshows, picking fruit in Australia, what makes him happy, things he would have done differently, top tips for better documentary coverage, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 64: This is Nienke Koedijk

Excited to have spoken to the fab Nienke Koedijk for episode 64 of the This is Reportage Podcast today! Nienke is a brilliant family photographer and educator based in the Netherlands; her ‘Unfreeze Yourself’ workshop has been a real inspiration for photographers all over the world (including members of This is Reportage: Family), and she is just such a positive and joyous person; such a pleasure to chat to! Stick with us today as Nienke shares all about:

how she built her entire business from an Instagram account, tips on how to get a family to feel at ease in your presence (and why that’s so important), how one of her photo projects (about adults who sleep with stuffed animals) was published as a book, and was all over the media in the Netherlands, being on the other side of the camera to have her own family photographed, top tips for starting out in the family photography world, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 63: This is Soven Amatya

A pleasure to have the lovely Soven Amatya on the Podcast this week! Based in Surrey, Soven is one of the best wedding photographers in the UK, and was equal-tenth in the world on TiR in 2018. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in ‘real life’ a few times now, and he’s a lovely guy too. Stick with us today as Soven talks all about:

how 2020 was for him, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards and another image (also awarded) that had an impact on him, why he loves to go to conferences all over the world, yoga and mindfulness, how he became a photographer, our Netflix synopsis game, his experience judging for This is Reportage: Family, why listening is so vital when it comes to capturing moments, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 62: This is Louise van den Broek

Delighted to be talking to the fab Louise van den Broek for episode 62 of the Podcast today! Louise was joint 6th in the World for 2020 on This is Reportage: Family, and no.2 in the Netherlands, with 9 Reportage Family Awards and a Family Story Award. She’s captured some amazing moments, and she talks about two of her specific Awards in the episode today, as well as so much more, including:

her top tips for getting better at documentary family photography, living on a working farm and how that’s a big inspiration for her, lots about her amazing birth photography, our Netflix synopsis game, funeral or ‘farewell’ photography (how she captures the whole gamut of life, from birth, weddings, family and even the passing of life), and lots more too…

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Podcast Episode 61: This is Chelsea Cannar

Super to have the very lovely Chelsea Cannar on the Podcast for episode 61 today! Chelsea is one of the best UK wedding photographers, and was ranked in our Top 100 Worldwide photographers of 2020 list, with 4 Reportage Awards won in 2020 (one of which Chelsea tells us all about how she captured in the episode). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea at a TiR Christmas Party, and it was lovely to catch up with her here. Stick with us today, as Chelsea talks all about:

her military upbringing and living in a boarding school, taking chances with your photography (whilst also having backup plans), a very tricky conundrum about what album she’d take to a desert island, how a chance encounter at work had a profound effect on her photography journey, super tips and insights on social media and why it’s so important to be yourself, and much, much more…

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