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Podcast Episode 59: This is Steven Rooney

After a little break for the holidays, the Podcast is back for 2021 with episode 59, and it’s a real pleasure to be talking to the fab Steven Rooney! Steven is a UK-based wedding photographer, and someone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times in ‘real life’, too. Not only is he a brilliant photographer – with a huge amount of Awards from various bodies to his name – but he’s also a very down to earth, lovely guy, too. Tune into today as Steven shares all about:

going from primary school teacher to photographer (and how his teaching background has affected his own workshops), why he personally enters awards, having his sirname chanted to him, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards, the subject of comparing yourself to others, home-schooling, learning how to use flash effectively, and much, much more…

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Podcast Episode 58: Thoughts on 2020

A bit of a different Podcast episode this week, as I usually speak to a brilliant photographer, but today I have an incredibly average one… myself! Yes, it’s Alan Law here, founder of This is Reportage and This is Reportage: Family. I just thought I’d try a solo episode – as I have various things I would like to say about the year; my personal experiences as a photographer myself, but also some behind-the-scenes thoughts and musings on running TiR and TiRF, and about the Podcast itself as well. I also have lots of thank yous to say!

So if you’re interested in my thoughts on all of that (and more), and think you can put up with only hearing my voice (in just one long take, amazingly!) then perhaps you’ll enjoy it – but I also expect (of course!) that you may much prefer to hear the interviews, so don’t worry, our usual interview format will be swiftly returning for all our future episodes!

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Podcast Episode 57: This is Rowena Meadows

It was such a delight to chat to the fantastic Rowena Meadows for episode 57 of the This is Reportage Podcast! Based in Australia, at the time this episode was recorded Rowena was the no.1 photographer worldwide on our sister-site for documentary family photography, This is Reportage: Family, after our first two Collections, with 7 Reportage Family Awards and 4 Family Story Awards won already. As well as being a brilliant family photographer, Rowena is just pure joy to speak to; I enjoyed talking to her so much! Tune in today as Rowena talks all about:

her background in psychology and its effect on her photography, top tips for documenting families, table tennis (!), why it’s important to not only photograph the ‘happy’ moments, Day in the Life sessions and tips for getting families to feel at ease, her ‘covid rainbow’ photo series (and jigsaw puzzle!), the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards, and much more…

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Photographer of the Year 2020: Yves Schepers

So excited to reveal our Overall Photographer of the Year for 2020: The brilliant Yves Schepers! With an absolutely amazing haul of 27 Awards from us (20 Reportage Awards & 7 Story Awards) – the most Awards ever won by a single photographer in a year – Yves is deservedly at the top of our just-announced Top 100 Photographers of 2020 list.

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Storyteller of the Year 2020: Sanne De Block

Honoured to reveal our Storyteller of the Year 2020: The brilliant Sanne De Block! Sanne won a quite unbelievable 13 Story Awards this year – nobody has ever won so many Stories in a single year; we reckon this record will stand for a long time…! Sanne thus totally deserves her accolade as Storyteller of the Year, and she sits on the summit of our Top 25 Storytellers Worldwide 2020 list.

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