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Podcast Episode 14: This is Fabio Mirulla

Honoured to have our Photographer of the Year 2019 with us for Episode 14 today; the brilliant Fabio Mirulla! Fabio won a staggering 17 Awards in 2019, including 8 Story Awards – such a worthy winner of our POY! It was such a pleasure to talk to Fabio – he shares so much – including:

what it meant to him to be our Photographer of the Year 2019,
what drives and motivates him,
his background in archeology and how there are similiarites to how he shoots weddings,
the importance of experimentation,
taking us back to his first ever wedding,
how his style was built over time,
how photography shouldn’t have limits,
his love of Anime and Lego,
tips on what to do when nothing much ‘seems’ to be happening at a wedding,
how he picks images for Story Awards,
his childhood growing up in Tuscancy,
his love of Art and how he draws inspiration from it,
his upcoming talk at Fearless Conference in March,
what creativity means to him and tips on how to be more creative,
a period of time he’s like to travel to,
what he’s afraid of and how that’s linked to why he’s a photographer: Making memories for other people,
why it’s so important to him to capture the fun an humour of weddings,
how to attract the right couples for you,
why he shoots with seconds virtually all the time,
his specific tips on how to win a Reportage Award and/or a Story Award,
how we don’t need beautiful light or beautiful destinations to find gold,
and much, much more…

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This is Pedro Alvarez and Zoe of 2PhotoDreams – Collection Thirteen Judge

Honoured to reveal the fourth of our five judges for Collection Thirteen: The fantastic Pedro Alvarez and Zoe of 2photodreams! Originally from the Canary Islands (Pedro), and now based in the UK, Pedro and Zoe take their brilliantly creative wedding photography all over the world; an honour to have them judging for us!

Deadline for submissions is less than 36 hours away now: Submit by 23:59 GMT on 24th January 2020. Full details and to join us over here.

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This is Marissa Joy Daly – Collection Thirteen Judge

Excited to reveal our third judge for Collection Thirteen: The brilliant Marissa Joy Daly! Based in the United States, shooting all over the world, Marissa’s documentary work is outstanding; honoured to have her judging our Reportage and Story Award entries for the first Collection of 2020!

Deadline is under 48 hours away now; Submit by 23:59 GMT on 24th January 2020. See all the benefits of membership and apply to join us over here.

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This is Barbara Fabbri – Collection Thirteen Judge

Honoured to announce our second judge for Collection Thirteen: The fantastic Barbara Fabbri! Based in Italy and shooting all over the world, we can’t wait to see what Barbara and our other four judges choose as winners for our first Collection of 2020 very soon!

Deadline for submissions is just two days away: Submit by 23:59 GMT on 24th January 2020. Not yet a member? See all the benefits of joining us and submit over here.

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Podcast Episode 13: This is Anna Rowland

Really excited to have the fab Anna Rowland with us for episode 13! Based in the UK, Anna has been shooting for over ten years, winning awards left, right and centre, and was ranked tenth overall on our Top Photographers of 2018 list. Loved talking to Anna; she had so much to share, including:

her first camera and shooting her first wedding on film,
her thoughts on the way the industry has changed (or not) over the past 12 years,
why she thinks workshops and conferences are important,
being a bit of an introvert and why she often shoots with seconds,
tips for people wanting to get better with flash,
the importance of pushing through the fear zone,
a controversial ‘last meal’ choice,
her previous life as a phlebotomist,
some memorable moments from her experience of shooting over 600 weddings,
how to pronounce scone and Bath,
how she deals with anything that bugs her about this industry,
her experience of being the photographer for the Nine Dots Gathering 2019,
what she does in the quiet season,
how she balances being a mum and being a wedding photographer,
her most effective marketing avenue,
her soon-to-be-announced joint workshop with Nadine van Biljon,
the two days she would choose to live over and over again,
what she’s afraid of,
her bucket list and love of Lemurs,
her top tips for better documentary wedding photography,
and much more…

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