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Welcome to the This is Reportage blog, where we'll be sharing lots and lots of documentary wedding photography goodness.¬†Check back frequently for the latest features…

This Is How: ‘Keep Shooting’ by Geertje Vierhout

Delighted to have TiR member Geertje Vierhout on the site today, as she tells us all about how she captured this unique image! Such an important and strong theme that Geertje details in this piece; a tip that is truly universal – and we find out exactly why below…Thanks, Geertje!

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This Is How: ‘Head In Hands x 3’ by Olly Knight

Delighted to have a new ‘This is How’ piece on the site today, with the fab Olly Knight telling us all about how he captured this great speech image. Olly shares so much gold, here, including insights into bonding with his couple (and their family/friends) – and just why this is so important – composition, shooting up close, shooting through the scene, info on his edit (with a before/after comparison), and more…thanks so much, Olly!

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Member Post: ‘The Democratic Eye: Street Photography and Weddings’ by Wayne La

It’s great to have a guest article by TiR member Wayne La on the site today, all about the links he finds between street photography and wedding photography. Really useful tips and insights into the many different elements of street photography, and what they’ve taught him in terms of wedding coverage too…thanks so much, Wayne!

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It’s Our Birthday!

Today is a bit of a special day for us, as it’s our 1st Birthday!
On 21st November last year we opened our doors (aka ‘clicked the big green button to launch the website’), not knowing what lay in store at all. We knew that we wanted to showcase and celebrate the very best in documentary wedding photography; to really put the power of the ‘moment’ – of real, natural captures – out there in the forefront, but would people share our vision…?
Well, the answer has been a massively resounding ‘Yes!’, and we can’t thank you – the photographers of TiR – enough. It is all down to you; your support and trust, your willingness to share, your amazing images. It’s a clich√© for sure, but it really is true: Without you, we are nothing. But with you? Wow, what a year!

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This Is How: ‘Keep An Eye On The Horse’ by Michele Morea

Honoured to have a brand new ‘This is How…’ piece on the site today, as Michele Morea tells us about how he captured this recent Reportage Award-winning image. Really interesting thoughts on layering, composition, pre-visualisation, and documentary wedding photography in general – a great read!

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