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Top Tips For Surviving Wedding Season

It’s the time of the year when wedding photographers all over the world are neck-deep in editing, shooting, editing, shooting, and even more editing…yes, wedding season is well and truly upon us! We know – first hand – that as well as being a very exciting time of the year, it can also – sometimes – be quite stressful, dealing with deadlines, an ever-mounting editing backlog, communications with clients, and all at the same time as frequent travelling for the actual shooting of the weddings themselves, and thus being away from family and friends so much – it can be hard.

With that in mind, we asked some of our This is Reportage photographers what their top tips were for surviving wedding season. Below you’ll find lots of golden nuggets of advice, from things such as how to make your workflow more efficient, keeping fit and healthy, client communication skills, making time for loved ones (and your own peace of mind), keeping a car-kettle handy, pre-writing blog posts, staying hydrated, surviving the added-pressure of school holidays, tips on admin-software, working in short sprints, business automation, cutting out distractions, personal projects, running, outsourcing, the importance of sleeping and eating well, taking days off, time-blocking, planning, not being so hard on ourselves, not seeing it as something to survive at all, and lots more…

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Collection Ten Winners Revealed!

Thrilled to announce the winners of Collection Ten! We say it every time, but it’s always so true – the standard of submissions was truly exceptional; our five judges really had their work cut out in choosing their winners. Once again, we also had a record number of submissions, with our judges poring over thousands of captures to determine the very best of documentary wedding photography.

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This is Matthew Sowa – Collection Ten Judge

The judging of Collection Ten is over, and we’re excited to announce that our final judge was the brilliant Matthew Sowa! Based in the US and shooting all over the world, it’s been an honour for us to have Matthew judging; very excited to be revealing the winners next week…!

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This is Samo Rovan – Collection Ten Judge

Judging has almost finished for Collection Ten, and we’re very excited to say that one of the five people judging for us this round is none other than the fantastic Samo Rovan! Based in Slovenia, Samo has extensive experience in photojournalism, as well as an accolade list that’s almost too long to mention; we can’t wait to see what he and our other four judges choose as winners next week!

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This is Aase Pouline – Collection Ten Judge

Revealing the third of our five judges for Collection Ten, and we’re very excited to say that it’s the fab Aase Pouline from Sweden! One of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of 2018, Pouline has a really distinctive style to her documentary work; we can’t wait to see what she and our other four judges choose as winners soon…

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