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This Is How: ‘Corrupting Influence’ by Lucy Judson

Fantastic to have Lucy Judson on the blog today, as she takes us behind the scenes of this Reportage Award-winning capture from back in Collection Three. This is a really extensive piece, with Lucy dealing with lots of different subjects, including patience, intuition, ‘looking for the moment’, the importance of capturing the moments before, and more. With supporting images as well, this is a fantastic read; thanks so much, Lucy!

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This Is How: ‘First Dance As Shot From A Balcony’ by Leonard Walpot

Thrilled to have Leonard Walpot with us today, as he tells us all about how he captured this Reportage Award from Collection Seven (Collection Eight winners due to be announced later this week, by the way!). Really great insights into working with two ‘lead’ photographers at this particular wedding, composition, finding different viewpoints, pre-visualisation and more…

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This Is How: ‘Mallet Time’ by Matt Badenoch

Really great to have the fab Matt Badenoch on the site today, as he talks us through his thought process and just how he captured this great image. This is a really interesting and exhaustive piece, with so many nuggets of sage advice and tips – including tips on backgrounds, composition, patience and more…thanks so much, Matt!

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This is Menino Conhece Menina – Collection Eight Judges

Excited to announce our fifth and final judge for Collection Eight: The wonderful Menino Conhece Menina! Comprised of the lovely duo that is Daniel and Raquel, they are based in Portugal, and have long been favourites of ours here at This is Reportage; honoured that they’ll be casting their moment-honed eyes over our Reportage and Story Award entries for Collection Eight! (Deadline for submissions just two days away: 23:59 GMT on 24th March).

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This is Elena Haralabaki – Collection Eight Judge

Thrilled to announce the fourth of our five judges for Collection Eight: The brilliant Elena Haralabaki. Elena is based in Greece and specialises in photojournalism; we can’t wait to see what she and our other judges choose as winners of our Reportage and Story Awards soon! (Deadline for submissions: 23:59 GMT on 24th March 2019).

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