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Podcast Episode 118: This is Oliver Saillard

I loved chatting to the fab Oliver Saillard for episode #118 of the Podcast this week! One of the best documentary wedding photographers in France, Oliver has won three Reportage Awards from us – with one of those coming from his very first wedding, which is quite the feat! He talks about that on the episode today, as well as many other things, including:

why he can speak four different languages,
choosing his own wedding photographer with a similar (but crucially different!) name,
why it’s great to analyse contests with your colleagues,
personal projects, travelling and photobooks,
what makes him happy,
tips for if you’re just starting out as a wedding photographer,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 117: This is Rebecca Walters

Really lovely to chat to the very talented Rebecca Walters for episode #117 of the Podcast this week! One of the UK’s best documentary family photographers, Rebecca has won two individual and three family story awards from us, and she talks about some of those today, as well as:

why finding out more about your families beforehand can improve the moments you capture,
her journey from photography degree to professional,
an editing tip that’s saved her a lot of time,
our Netflix synopsis game,
day in the life shoots and vacation photography,
why it’s so important to keep learning and investing in yourself,
and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 116: This is Raymond Nguyen

So fab to talk to the brilliant Raymond Nguyen for episode #116! One of the very best wedding photographers in the world, Raymond was joint-second in the USA on TiR for 2021, and also in our world Top 50. He shares so much on the episode today, including:

how he started his photography business,
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards,
having a studio of multiple photographers and videographers and how that works,
our Netflix synopsis game,
running his own workshops in Vietnam,
editing and workflow,
and so much more.

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Podcast Episode 115: This is Jennifer Schäufelin

Excited to have the fab Jennifer Schäufelin on the Podcast this week! Recently coming 17th in the World on This is Reportage: Family for 2021, Jennifer is a brilliant documentary family photographer, and was the German Storyteller of the Year for 2021 as well. She shares so much on the episode today, including:

transitioning from employment to full-time photographer,
the stories behind a couple of her Reportage Family Awards,
our Netflix synopsis game,
her thoughts and tips for submitting to our Story Awards,
why she recorded a specific ‘long portrait’ video on her ‘about me’ page,
Instagram Reels,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 114: This is Rafe Abrook

The podcast is back! After a bit of a break I’m really excited to be back and chatting to the fab Rafe Abrook for episode 114. Rafe is one of the UK’s best documentary wedding photographers, and was in our Top 100 Photographers Worldwide on TiR for 2021. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet him a few times in real life, and he’s a lovely guy, so fab to have him on the Podcast. Stick with us today as Rafe shares all about:

being an ‘exceedingly tall’ photographer, and how he uses that to his advantage at weddings
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards
giving a bride a fireman’s lift and why it’s so important to him to immerse himself in his weddings
why he features his second shooters so predominantly on his website
our Netflix synopsis game
why you shouldn’t try to be anyone other than yourself
and much more…

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