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This is Now

We know the world is still fighting this pandemic – and it’s nowhere near over yet – but it’s been so encouraging and fantastic to see that a lot of our members have been starting to do what they do best: Photographing weddings again.

Of course, rules on weddings differ all over the world, and some of our members are still unable to work at all – but hopefully there is a major light at the end of this tunnel now, and with a lot of our members able to shoot again, we thought it was about time to bring back a regular feature that we’ve really missed: ‘This is Now’, where we highlight some of the brilliant captures our photographers have been taking over the last month or so.

So sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy these images from over 75 of our members finally being able to do what they really love again: Capturing natural moments.

No poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

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Podcast Episode 83: This is Stephana Ferrell

The fab Stephana Ferrell is my guest on this week’s Podcast, and I absolutely loved talking to her! Based in the USA, Stephana is a brilliant documentary family photographer; she was ranked 6th in the US on This is Reportage: Family for 2020 (and joint-47th in the World), and she’s won 6 Reportage Family Awards from us. She talks about one of those specific images on the episode today, along with so much more, including:

how and why she transitioned from weddings to families, vacation photography, what her ‘last meal’ would be, escape rooms, Disney, the business-side of what we do and being raised by a generation of entrepreneurs, our Netflix synopsis game, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 82: This is Patrick Mateer

Really loved talking to the fab Patrick Mateer of M and G Wedding Photography for episode 82 of the Podcast! Patrick is one of the UK’s best documentary wedding photographers (and one of the best wedding photographers in Yorkshire), and was ranked joint-49th in the World on TiR for 2020. He’s amassed more awards since then, too, and currently has 11 Reportage Awards and 2 Story Awards to his name – an incredible achievement. Patrick shares so much in this episode, including:

the forming of his studio and shooting alongside his wife (the very talented Hollie Rosa Mateer), how and why his approach to shooting has evolved, being in a band, our Netflix synopsis game, the story behind his ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ Reportage Award, top tips for improving your documentary work, football, community, why he personally enters awards, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 81: This is Marieke Zwartscholten

Thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the fab Marieke Zwartscholten for episode 81 of the Podcast! Based in the Netherlands, Marieke is a great wedding and family photographer, having won numerous awards from us on both our wedding site and family site, and we talk about both disciplines on the episode today. Tune in as Marieke talks about:

why attending workshops has been so vital for her, how she captured one of her specific Reportage Awards (the one of the bride arriving, shot through the groom’s legs), her top tips for documenting families, her experience judging for our wedding site (and top tips for people submitting), running her own training and workshops, our Netflix synopsis game, pressure, nerves, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 80: This is Erica Hawkins

I absolutely loved chatting to the fab Erica Hawkins for episode 80 of the Podcast this week! Erica is a fantastic UK-based wedding and family photographer – she has won 3 Reportage Awards from us for her wedding work, and was also ranked 14th in the World on our documentary family site, This is Reportage: Family, for 2020, and has won 11 Awards from us there – we talk about both arts in the episode today. I found it really inspiring to talk to Erica, as she talks so openly and honestly about so many subjects, including:

capturing her own family during lockdowns, anxiety and nerves, finding out she had cancer, how she won a gallery spot with the renowned Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in London, imposter syndrome, branching out into teaching and branding photography, filming onstage at Glastonbury, shooting a ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ wedding, and so much more…

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