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TiR & TiR:F Christmas Party 2022!

Oh how we love our Christmas parties! It’s *so* fantastic to just be around so many lovely human beings, and just let loose – and 2022 was no exception, as photographers from all over Europe (including all over the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France) all came together on a party boat on the Thames in London, for one hell of a night….!

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Photographer of the Year 2022: Jesse and Moira La Plante

Excited to reveal the This is Reportage Photographer of the Year 2022: Jesse and Moira La Plante! With an amazing 19 Awards won in the year – 14 Reportage Awards & 5 Story Awards – they deservedly sit on top of our just-announced Top 100 Photographers in the World list. Congratulations, Jesse and Moira!

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Storyteller of the Year 2022: David Scholes

Honoured to reveal the This is Reportage Storyteller of the Year 2022: David Scholes! Yes, he’s done it again – winning our SOTY for the second year running; a truly incredible achievement. With 7 Story Awards won in the year, David sits deservedly on top of our just-revealed Top 20 Storytellers of the Year list. Many congratulations, David!

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Podcast Episode 122: This is Dries Renglé

Finally I interview the man who has been mentioned by *so many* of my previous Podcast guests: The fab Dries Renglé! Dries is one of Belgium’s very best wedding photographers, was 7th in the World on TiR for 2021, has won 13 awards from us, and, as I mentioned, has been spoken about on so many of our previous episodes – he was even brought up at NineDots in London, which I just returned from last week (and it’s the reason why my voice is so hoarse, actually, totally lost it there!), within the fab Sanne De Block’s mainstage presentation. So fab to finally manage to chat to the man himself, who has had such a big impact on a lot of very talented photographers’ lives. Dries talks about so much on the episode today, including:

why it’s so important to shoot and show what you love,
how he captured one of his Reportage Awards,
tips on shooting portraits and couple time,
his previous life in animation,
shooting his very first wedding (which was his sister’s!)
being part of the Mind The Moment collective and the workshops they do,
and much more…

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We’re celebrating our 5th birthday by giving away 5 memberships!

This is Reportage is 5 years old today and we want to celebrate our birthday by giving away 5 annual memberships, worth £100 each!

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