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This is Marieke Zwartscholten – Collection Fourteen Judge

Honoured to reveal the second of our five judges for Collection 14: The fab Marieke Zwartscholten! Marieke is based in the Netherlands, and is a true lover of the documentary approach, having photographed weddings in this manner for over ten years – very excited that she’s looking over our Reportage and Story Award entries for Collection 14!

Deadline is less than 36 hours away: Submit by 23:59 GMT on 24th March 2020.

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This is Dries Renglé – Collection Fourteen Judge

There’s less than 48 hours left to submit to Collection 14 (Deadline is 23:59 GMT on 24th March 2020), and we’re super excited to announce the first of our five judges: The fantastic Dries Renglé! Based in Belgium, shooting all over the world, not only is Dries a great photographer, but he’s a lovely guy as well; honoured to have him judging for us.

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CARRYING ON – A Note From Me, Alan Law, Founder Of TiR

I know it may not seem ‘right’ in these times to be sharing images of weddings, to be talking about Awards and even photography in general…but we have to carry on. We have to carry on because, although the devastating health and life implications of coronavirus are absolutely huge – and, of course, the most important thing by far – we are also facing unprecedented times in terms of our entire industry, businesses, and, on an individual level, the people who run them.

The entire wedding industry has been hit hard, with weddings – understandably – being postponed or cancelled throughout the world. This is obviously devastating to each and every couple who have saved and planned for their day, sometimes for years, and it is truly awful.


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Podcast Episode 20: Coronavirus Special with Simon Leclercq (Doctor & Photographer)

We’re bringing you a special podcast episode today, as we discuss coronavirus with very special guest Simon Leclercq. Simon is in quite a unique position to discuss this with us, as, not only is he a brilliant wedding photographer (having won 8 awards from us in total), but he has also been a doctor for over 5 years, and is currently on the frontlines working on this global pandemic. We discuss lots of aspects in this episode, both from a health point of view, and in terms of our wedding photography businesses, including:

what’s happening in Belgium right now (where Simon is based),
analysing what’s happening in other countries and taking action,
the vitalness of protecting the elderly and those with underlying health conditions,
the psychological effect of isolation and loneliness,
the good and bad side of social media during all of this,
the power of good deeds,
trying not to worry about how long it could last (as we just don’t know),
the impact on us as wedding photographers and the importance of positivity,
making the most of any financial help, including mortgage holidays,
using our own personal strengths and creativity to help others,
practical tips and advice on how to get through this, both mentally and on a business level,
why self-isolation is absolutely vital,
why there’s no need to panic but how we need to take our responsibilities seriously,
why the vast majority of weddings, if affected, will be postponements rather than cancellations, and a great practical tip on how to deal with postponements for dates you can’t do,
how everybody can make a difference,
and more

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Podcast Episode 19: This is Rocio Vega

So excited to have the fantastic Rocio Vega on the Podcast for Episode 19 today! Based in Spain, Rocio was one of our top photographers of 2019, and has won six awards from us, including 3 Story Awards, which is an awesome feat. She shares so much today, including:

whether there really is a quiet season at all,
her experiences and views on talking at conferences,
having conversations with herself,
being empathetic and the importance of that,
why she watches hands (and it’s not linked to coronavirus),
her childhood and how she got into photography,
how learning what you don’t want to do is so important too,
not shooting what everyone else shoots,
one of her favourite current Netfix series and why she recommends watching it especially if you’ve got kids,
her ideal days,
being in a relationship with a fellow (brilliant!) wedding photographer (Franck Boutonnet),
how moments are like waves and searching for the peak,
how our own feelings and emotions have an impact on what we shoot and show,
shooting a lot and taking advantage of the tools at our disposal,
the concept and industry of wedding photography,
moments over couple-imagery,
staying true to yourself,
adding variety to your inspiration diet,
her specific approach and tips regarding flash,
her top tips for improving your documentary skills,
and much more…

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