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Podcast Episode 39: This is Nikhol Esterás

Excited to be talking to the fab Nikhol Esterás for episode 39 of the This is Reportage Podcast today! One of the very best wedding photographers in Mexico, Nikhol has won a staggering 12 awards from us, including 5 Story Awards, and was ranked in our Top 50 photographers of 2019. In this episode Nikhol shares all about:

how she got into wedding photography,
working with her husband and the benefits of that,
how their backgrounds in art and psychology have affected their photography,
dealing with the effects of covid,
travelling in their VW bug, and their photoseries during covid from within that,
some TV series recommendations (Dark! Watch Dark, everyone!)
what time she would travel to if she had a time machine,
tips on submitting to the Story Awards,
the pronunciation of reportage,
the importance of observation and getting to know people,
what success means to her,
what’s been good sources of bookings for her,
how she does her video meetings with couples,
the importance of practice,
how she approaches family photography in the same way as weddings,
advice for if you’re feeling stagnant,
why olives aren’t her favourite thing,
what happiness is to her,
and much more…

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TiR Peer Praise: Phil Salisbury on Ami Robertson

Loving these Peer Praise pieces, where our members highlight and praise another member in some way – for whatever reason that may be. Today, Phil Salisbury is talking about Ami Robertson.

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TiR Peer Praise: Jonathan Ryder on Darren Kirwan

Really happy to have another TiR Peer Praise today, where our members highlight and praise a fellow member – whether that’s because they love their work, or maybe they’ve helped them out in the past, have been an inspiration, or just whatever reason they deserve recognition for.

Today, Jonathan Ryder is talking about Darren Kirwan.

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Podcast Episode 38: This is Menino Conhece Menina

Delighted to have the fantastic Menino Conhece Menina on the Podcast today for our 38th episode! Raquel and Daniel are some of the best wedding photographers in Portugal – and indeed, the world – with a quite stunning 9 Story Awards under their belt (and 7 Reportage Awards, too). Tune in today as they talk about:

how they’re deadling with covid times,
the story behind their brand name,
working together as a duo (both professionally and personally),
learning from each other (and arguing sometimes!),
Favourite TV series,
family time in lockdown,
tips on consistency,
how their multi-day photography & videography workshop, Steam and Steel, came to be,
the story behind one of their specific Reportage Awards,
how their experience as architects influences their photography,
tips on Story Awards and their experience judging for us,
what success means to them,
specific thoughts on capturing the First Dance,
why they often don’t use flash,
what makes a good wedding photographer,
and much more…

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Collection Sixteen Judges

Honoured to reveal our judges for Collection 16! The brilliant (clockwise, from top-left) Arjan van der plaat (Netherlands), Lyndah Wells (Bahamas), Tim Millen of This Modern Love (Ireland), Richard Skins (UK), and Annelies Gailliaert (Belgium).

Deadline for submission is just over 48 hours away: Submit by 23:59 BST on 24th July 2020. Members receive 60 Reportage Award entries and 18 Story Award entries per year, along with many other benefits.

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