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TiR Peer Praise: Marco Teixeira on Nicole Sanchez

Super to have a new Peer Praise piece today, where our members highlight or praise a fellow member in some way – whether that’s something to do with their photography, or them as a person. Today, we have two of the very best wedding photographers in Portugal, with Marco Teixeira (top-left) talking about Nicole Sanchez (top-right):

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Podcast Episode 128: This is Aga Maru of Pic-Time

This week’s episode should be of interest whether you shoot weddings or families – or really any other genre – as I chat to the fab Aga Maru of Pic-Time! If you’ve been to any kind of photography event around the world over the past few years, you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting Aga – Pic-Time’s Community & Partnerships Director. As well as knowing all there is to know about Pic-Time, she’s a photographer herself, and super lovely to talk to, too. We cover lots on the episode today, including:

Pic-Time’s recent Blog feature – creating blogs that look great with good SEO, and quickly!
her photography journey and how she’s lived all over the world,
tips on how using Pic-Time’s slideshows can increase your gallery views dramatically,
our Netflix synopsis game,
how to get the best from Pic-Time’s Sale Automations (and how they’re so customisable and easy to setup),
why being in front of the camera can help you as a photographer yourself,
and much more…

I’ve personally been using Pic-Time for the past few years and love it – it just looks so good, is easy to use, and has great sale automation features as well, that’s really helped me get more print and album sales; can’t recommend it enough. New users can get 1 bonus month when upgrading to any paid plan with the code THISISREPORTAGE

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Podcast Episode 127: This is Jesse La Plante

A special day at Podcast HQ today, as I’m releasing two episodes on the same day! Earlier this morning you may have heard me interview the fab Moira La Plante for episode 126, and now it’s her husband’s turn, as I speak to the very talented Jesse La Plante for episode 127. Together, they are our current Photographers of the Year on TiR, with an amazing haul of 19 Awards (14 individuals and 5 stories) won in 2022 alone – absolutely amazing work. Jesse shares so much on the episode, including:

his background in photojournalism and transitioning to weddings,
the importance of ‘finding the moonwalking bear’,
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards,
why shooting for yourself and your clients is not mutually exclusive,
working alongside his wife Moira and how that works for them,
our Netflix synopsis game,
and so much more!

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Podcast Episode 126: This is Moira La Plante

An honour to chat to the fab Moira La Plante today! One of the best documentary family photographers in the world, Moira was recently ranked 2nd in the USA on This is Reportage: Family for 2022, and 13th in the world. Not only that, but alongside her husband Jesse La Plante, they were our overall Photographers of the Year for 2022 on our wedding site, This is Reportage. Incredible feats! We focus more on her family work today, as Moira shares all about:

how she began her photography journey and discovering documentary family photography,
why being present in the moment is so important,
her favourite focal length for capturing families,
the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards,
working with her husband Jesse and how they out-source to each other,
why building strong connections with her clients is so important,
and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 125: This is Doc Day 2023

Excited to be bringing you a very special episode of the Podcast this week, as I take my microphone to the amazing Doc Day! I get to chat to the founders of Doc Day (Annie & Kevin Kheffache), lots of attendees from all over the world, the amazing speakers, and hopefully you’ll get a good sense of just how special Doc Day is (including some post-conference fine dining clips, and some slightly-inebriated after-party chats as well…)

Tickets for Doc Day 2024 are on sale now, and, at the time of this writing, they’ve only been on sale for just over a week and already over 75% have sold – so, if you want to go, grab your ticket quick!

This is Reportage members receive an exclusive 10% discount on Doc Day tickets – just visit the members area or check the latest newsletter to find out how.

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