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Podcast Episode 140: This is Bobbi Barbarich

After a bit of a break I’m happy to be back with the Podcast, and talking to the fab Bobbi Barbarich. Bobbi is based in Canada, and as well as being a great documentary wedding and family photographer (we talk about both on the episode today), she is also an educator.

Not only that, but she also manages to find some time to produce her own podcast, the fab Tilt and Shift Photography Business Podcast. I was honoured to be a guest on her Podcast recently, actually (episode #31 if you aren’t sick of the sound of my voice already!), and it’s lovely to be able to return the favour and chat to Bobbi for the TiR Podcast today. We cover so much, including:

  • why it’s important to look back at how far you’ve come,
  • intimacy: shooting close, and just how she does that,
  • a great story about meeting Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins,
  • why connection/engagement sessions may not always be for you,
  • the stories behind a couple of her wedding and family images,
  • hosting her own Podcast, the Tilt and Shift Photography Business Podcast,
  • why she doesn’t suffer from procrastination and tips for dealing with it yourself,
  • peanut butter recipes,
  • and so much more…

As always, you can listen on all the usual places: Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and below in this post:

Below are the Reportage Award and Reportage Family Award Bobbi talks about on the episode:

We now have 140 episodes of the podcast, and each and every episode contains so many personal stories, bits of advice and tips from world-class photographers. Over here you can find them all – including all our wedding photography podcast episodes – or head over here for our family photography podcast episodes.

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