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Helen Howard

Staffordshire & Derbyshire | United Kingdom

Thank you for stopping by, my name is Helen, but my friends call me Hells, my husband calls me Bells (I know it's original) - my Mum still calls me Helen, so I don't mind you can take your pick.

My story doesn't begin with a little girl growing up with a love of camera's and photography, although my Dad was a keen photographer and worked most of his life for Kodak in their technical division. I discovered my love of photography much, much later than that in my late 20's soon after I married my best friend. And more so I discovered a love of the moments that can be caught in a photograph or a series of photographs. I know that the meaning of a photograph grows with time, because we are all mortal.

Photography has given me freedom to express emotion in a way that I had never known before. It has allowed me to connect with couples, people that I wouldn't have otherwise met. I still occasionally pinch myself that this is not just something I love doing, it is also my full time job. Undoubtedly, it massively helps that I have always been finely in tune with the emotions and feelings of the people around me (and I am definitely a crier) and I never properly understood the importance of empathy until I realised it was my strongest asset.

There is no emotion in staged or curated poses. There is emotional raw beauty in something that is far more real. So for now I am focusing on keeping it real.

I don't take anything in life for granted; I love being a mummy to an energetic, crazy and witty 6 year old boy. And I am a dog person. I love my job.

I adore working with creative, super relaxed couples who do not shy away from showing their emotions, even if it involves a little bit of ugly crying and possibly some interesting dance moves! I basically cannot get enough of seeing people madly in love, it keeps my faith in people alive and I love that about what I do.

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