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Shlomi Amiga


In the photograph above are my two close friends, getting married at my studio last year. 12 people in an industrial photo studio in downtown Toronto and that is all.

More than anything else in life, I value relationships. In fact, I believe that photography, of any kind, is all about relationships and connection. Be it with people or objects in the photograph, as well as the viewer of the photograph as another participating factor.

It's been four years since I made a decision to go into full time wedding photography. I just couldn’t think of a more challenging environment that will provide me with the human interaction I seek. Photographing weddings gives me an insight to other people’s lives and that is what makes it so fascinating to me. It’s not so much about following trends and being cool – it never has been. Years down the road, photographs lose their "cool" factor and most of what's left is the feeling you get from looking at them, and that has a lot to do with the historical value and the context they share.

A great photograph is one that makes you laugh, cry, or anything in between.

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