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Bhavna Barratt

Yorkshire & Cheshire | United Kingdom

Weddings to me are a joyful chaos and it's a total privilege to be able to capture this chaos in the form of a lifetime of memories to cherish. Weddings remind me of the good times with all my loved ones sat around a table on Sunday afternoons eating the most delicious food in Tanzania and having big belly laughs and dancing to 80's pop music.

I'm the type of photographer who will join in with the dancing (yappp - at pretty much every wedding), I'll shed a tear when you walk down the aisle and I almost always get referred to as the additional bridesmaid that the bride didn't know she had...I blend in, I become part of your family and get involved in your celebrations, making sure your day is about YOU.

With over a decade of experience, a fantastic team of photographers and a love for all things weddings, I'm thrilled that my work takes me around the world. We cover all of East Africa with a base in Tanzania including Zanzibar, and have shot weddings in Kenya, India, Portugal, France, Italy, Canada and Ireland for weddings in recent times.

So if you're after a photographer who will capture that first look, that first touch...the aunties drinking shots, the uncles throwing shapes on the dance floor, the awkward speeches, that spectacular first dance, the tears and the laughter, then get in touch, we look forward to celebrate with you.

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