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Clive Blair

West Midlands & Gloucestershire | United Kingdom

No doubt you hate posing for photos, which is why you're here. That's why I like to work by the motto: “Shoot as guest”. This simply means me capturing the spirit of what it was like to be at your wedding as a guest, while telling the story for those who weren’t there. No fussing around, faffing about or hanging around for endless posed photos. So I aim to answer questions with my images like: What was the atmosphere and weather like? During the set staged pieces like the exchange of the vows, was another story unfolding behind in the audience, like the mother of the bride wiping away a tear? What was the story behind grandmother sharing a joke and bursting out in laughter with her grandson? How much fun did your guests have on the dance floor?

You’ll look back over your photos reminiscing about “I remember when that happened!”, rather than “I remember when the photographer made that happen”

Instead of viewing myself as a "wedding photographer", I prefer to say I'm a "people and storytelling photographer" who happens to be at a wedding. Your wedding will be full of stories waiting to be recorded and I'd love to your storyteller.

Here's some feedback:
"You were fantastic in being very subtle and non-intrusive in your'd been so subtle; we'd forgotten that you'd even been there!"

"Thank-you so much for all the care and attention, along with your ninja photographic skill during our wedding day. You have taken some truly wonderful pictures that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.”"

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