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This is Art: 50 Examples Of The Artistry Of Reportage Wedding Photography

Such an artistic and ethereal capture above by US-based photographer Philip Thomas (and you can read how he got this capture by the man himself over here.)

Reportage wedding photography is great for many reasons – ten of which I went into far more depth about over here. The area that I really want to talk about and highlight today, though, is the pure art involved with this craft.

Not only is documentary wedding photography art, but it is art created on the fly – the photographer is not setting anything up, or posing people, but is instead creating pieces of art in an instant, hundreds and hundreds of times per wedding. This is an incredible skill; exhausting, and sometimes mentally draining, but incredibly worthwhile, as each bride and groom come away with unique pieces of art.

It may sound pretentious, but I always liken hiring a photographer to comissioning an artist; it really is the opposite of buying a product off the shelf; you’re comissioning an artist to create something totally unique. And as art is subjective, so too is wedding photography, and that’s a real beauty about what we do – we all see and capture things in our own unique ways, as you can see from the 50 examples from our This is Reportage members below.

This is Art: Image by Pedro Vilela

Image above by Portugal-based photographer Pedro Vilela – the way he caught such a moment within such an interesting composition is a great example of the way documentary wedding photographers create art on the fly.

creative mirror capture by Jonny MP

Pure art by Jonny MP, here – the creative use of mirrors, the look and connection between the bride and dad, the black and white treatment…gorgeous. Find out more about how Jonny got this image over here.

silhouette speech caprture by Andrew Billington

Andrew Billington with a fantastic example of creative, artistic image-making here – the silhouetted speech-giver producing such a unique frame.

artisitc reportage wedding photography by Mike Riley

All the feels for this one! Devon based photographer Mike Riley with a great example of capturing moments artistically.

artistic wedding photography by Steve Gerrard

So beautiful, this – a reflection in a painting of a horse (as the bride loves them); artistic and meaningful by Canada (and UK)-based photographer Steve Gerrard

artistic documentary wedding photography by Anna Pool

I love the composition used here by Anna Pool of Luna Weddings, and such beautiful light captured – the contrast between the light and dark of the image drawing your eye all around. Beautiful.

panning artisitc wedding photography by Mark Capilitan

The technique required here to pull of such a sense of movement is just brilliant; the wedding car so artistically captured by Ireland-based photographer Mark Capilitan.

artistic first dance capture by Etienne Laine

Such an artistic dancing capture by Guernsey-based photographer Etienne Laine; the composition, bride’s expression, reach, and black and white treatment all producing such a serene image.

artistic wedding photography by Dom Shaw

The framing, composition and layering here – and all done on the fly; a fab example by Dominique Shaw of York Place Studios.

artisitc wedding photography by Alexander Ziegler

Love this silhouette capture of guests mingling by Berlin-based photographer Alexander Ziegler

creative documentary wedding photography by Elliot Patching

Elliot Patching‘s use of negative space here, combined with the semi-silhouette and framing within the doorway, all combine to make a truly artistic capture of an everyday occurrence.

creative documentary wedding photography by Graham Warrellow

Storytelling within a single image is such an art, and Graham Warrellow shows us how its done here; love the composition drawing your eye around the entire frame, too.

artistic wedding breakfast caprture by Mark Wallis

Not your typical wedding breakfast capture here! Mark Wallis capturing the sense of movement and bustle by the waiting staff here with this fab image.

creative documentary wedding photography by Mark Seymour

The way Mark Seymour uses the leading lines of the spiral staircase to draw your eye around the frame and down to the moment happening below; just brilliant.

natural portrait by Yana Audas

This totally natural portrait by Yana Audas wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery; beautiful.

negative space dancing image by Eve Dunlop

Love this! Such a great example of negative space, movement and emotion – what an artistic dancing capture by Eve Dunlop.

flower girls by Catherine Pound

I just love this composition by Catherine Pound, here – drawing your eye around the image to the flower girls. The way they are almost mirroring each other, too…just such an artistic image.

artistic wedding photography by Joshua Wyborn

So much is in the light, and this is a great example of light beautifully captured by Joshua Wyborn.

Documentary wedding photography by Barney Walters

The framing here, by Barney Walters, is just superb; drawing the eye from the faces, to the rings, and back to their faces again – all within such a strong moment, too. Pure art.

Artisitc reportage wedding photography by Damian Brandon

The tones, the dark exposure, the composition, the moment…just beautiful by Damian Brandon.

artistic laughing by John Hope

People laugh everyday, but to capture it so artistically like this, is a real feat. Captured by the fab John Hope.

creative documentary wedding photography by Sara Kirkham

A great use of negative space by Sara Kirkham of Pixies in the Cellar; a great example of how every moment – no matter how small – can be captured so creatively and artistically.

funny artistic image by Chris Seddon

Humour can be art, too! To capture such a fleeting moment so creatively is a real talent – a fantastic example by Chris Seddon.

artistic dancing capture by Helen Lisk

Helen Lisk beautifully captures a sensual moment here – a moment of quietness surrounded by all the partying. The way she isolates it in the frame…just gorgeous.

Conga by Eneka Stewart

Yes, even a wedding Conga can be captured artistically! You can read more about how Eneka Stewart captured this fab image over here.

laughing bride by Chris Barber

Pure joy; pure art, by the fab Chris Barber

emotional groom sees his bride by Lynne Kennedy

The way Lynne Kennedy captures this groom seeing his bride, almost from the bride’s point of view…so artistic, and just fabulous.

happily ever after great framing by Adam Johnson

The way Adam Johnson has composed this image; framing the reader/guest within the bride and groom – so creative, and a great example of artistic storytelling.

artistic first kiss capture by Aga Tomaszek

By not always focusing on the thing that’s most obvious, we can create unique pieces of art, as Aga Tomaszek shows us here.

profound art example by Liam Shaw of York Place Studios - birth to grave

The art that documentary wedding photographers create can be profound, as in this ‘stages of life’ example by Liam Shaw of York Place Studios.

abstract artistic reportage wedding photography by Kristian Leven

Abstract and mysterious, a fantastic example of artistic documentary wedding photography by Kristian Leven.

artistic composition by David Scholes

Such a strikingly artistic image by David Scholes, here – the composition drawing your eye all around the frame, and the purposeful inclusion of the clock giving a real storytelling dynamic.

unusual cake cutting angle by David Weightman

It’s a cake cutting, but not as you know it…! I love the way David Weightman turns a staple of wedding photography on its head here, by shooting through the couple and capturing all those great reactions; ace.

emotional artistic capture by Hannah and Michael Jackson

A striking. emotional capture by Hannah and Michael Jackson of Jackson & co Photography here. You don’t need to see the bride’s full face to feel the impact of that moment. Beautiful.

creative car and show image by Toni Darcy

Such an unusual and striking composition by Toni Darcy; love it!

negative space capture by Louise Gilbert-Young of Sam & Louise Photography

Louise Gilbert-Young of Sam & Louise Photography employing fantastic use of negative space here to not only draw the viewer’s eye around the frame, but to isolate the moment. Brilliant.

creative documentary image by Amy Barton

Artistic storytelling at its best here, by Amy Barton; just brilliant.

artistic crisp eating by Lucy Judson

Can an image of someone eating crisps be artistic? Lucy Judson shows us it most definitely can!

artistic wedding photography by Louisa Parsons

I love the way Louisa Parsons has captured these people singing their hearts out; her use of flash and composition bringing real artistry to the moment.

abstract artistic bridal prep image by Gavin Power

Such a striking and different composition here – so abstract, and visually interesting. Gavin Power making prep images art.

artisitc bride arriving in rain image by Claudia Rose Carter

The tones, the rain, the abstract framing; just beautiful, by Claudia Rose Carter.

artistic natural bridal portrait by Harry Michael

No posing, just pure art created on the fly by Harry Michael, here. A timeless piece of art.

artistic moment capturing by Sam Gibson

Sam Gibson demonstrating brilliantly how sometimes an image can be even more powerful when we don’t clearly see faces; beautiful.

artistic bridal prep image by Lyndsey Goddard

So striking, this; the way the bride and the hair spray truly pop from the background; the movement, the reflection, and dress in the background – great, artistic storytelling by Lyndsey Goddard. (You can read all about how Lyndsey captured this image here)

movement and passion dancing image by Shlomi Amiga

What a sense of movement and energy Canada-based photographer Shlomi Amiga has captured here; just beautiful.

image by marianne chua

Marianne Chua’s observation, composition and patience skills all come into effect here to create this artistic bridal prep image. You can read more about how she got this shot over here.

artistic dance image by Steven Rooney

What a unique viewpoint and composition for this dancing image by Steven Rooney; amazing.

symmetry and moment by Dan Morris

Dan Morris‘ combination of moment, leading lines, framing within a frame, and symmetry, all combine to make this such an artistic image. And all done on the fly; there is so much skill in documentary wedding photography!

art documentary wedding photography by Alex Miller

Ha, this one really *is* art! To be able to see things like this, and frame them within a moment…just brilliant by Alex Miller.

If you’re a bride or groom looking for your day to be captured artistically like the examples above, check out any of those photographers’ profiles by clicking their names under the images, or head over to our directory to find our full list of reportage wedding photographers in your area.

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This article was written by the owner of This is Reportage (that’d be me, Alan Law), and all views/opinions within are entirely my own.

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