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Mike Riley

Devon & Cornwall | United Kingdom

What do you want your wedding to be all about? Think about that for a moment. Go on, I'll wait...
What I’m interested in is the people, you, your partner, your family and friends. I’m interested in relationships and human interaction. As far as I’m concerned the role of a wedding photographer on the day is to make a record of the people and the event and that’s what I set out to do without any of the other stuff that makes the pictures look like all the other wedding pictures you’ve ever seen. No smoke bombs unless you’re getting married on a battlefield, no frocks in trees unless you always store your clothes in a hedge, none of that tedious wedding cheese. I set out to make pictures of your people being people.They’ve come together all in one place on that day to be with you and celebrate your wedding.

My job is to become immersed in the stream of that day and lift moments out of it. Your job is to forget about me and enjoy the day, nothing else.

"Mike!!! Looking at the pictures and having streams of tears coming down my eyes! What a spectacular job! Thank you, thank you…Grazie di cuore"

"The small packet of pictures that you gave Kirsty were a wonderful touch, and turned out to be the only thing that made my new wife cry!".

"Mike’s photos were in a completely different league and captured the atmosphere, the emotion and the look of the whole wedding perfectly".

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