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John Hope

Yorkshire & Manchester | United Kingdom

Weddings are stories and that for me is fundamental to how I approach shooting them. I'm not going to pretend to be indifferent about portraits because this site focuses on reportage. I love making awesome portraits and they're an important part of what I deliver to my clients, but telling the story of a wedding through a collection of images is my job and what I get hired for.

That moment your gran kisses your hand when she sees you in your dress for the first time... reaching for the rafters on your mates' shoulders with your tie around your head... the first real upswell of emotion of the day when you read the card your chosen one sent to your bedroom a couple of hours before the ceremony.... I want to take people back to exactly how they felt at these moments. It's about capturing a feeling, an emotion, about those 'blink and you miss it moments' and sometimes simply the ability to see the beautiful in the ordinary. THIS is reportage.

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