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This is Real Romance

It’s Valentine’s Day, that worldwide celebration of love, and we thought what a great opportunity it would be to show real, unposed captures of romance – no portraits, no set up situations, no photographers telling the couple how to behave or where to look – but real, natural moments of romantic love, captured by some of the world’s very best wedding photographers.

What follows is over 85 of our members showcasing the very best moments of romance from weddings all over the globe: Moments of passion between the bride and groom, first kisses, second-and-third-and-fourth kisses, stolen moments between guests ‘feeling the love’, old love, young love, moments where the emotions just become too much, love on the dancefloor, bum gropes (!), tenderness, joyous outbursts, and everything in between…

No poses; nothing staged: This is Real Romance.

Citlalli Rico
Citlalli Rico (Mexico) – Website / This is Reportage Profile

Ash Davenport
Ash Davenport (UK) – Website / TiR

Pete Martin
Pete Martin (United States) – Website / TiR

Andras Rabloczky
Andras Rabloczky (one of the best documentary wedding photographers in Hungary) – Website / TiR

Ross Hurley
Ross Hurley (UK) – Website / TiR

Valter Antunes
Valter Antunes (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Vlad Lodoaba
Vlad Lodoaba (Romania) – Website / TiR

Ruan Redelinghuys
Ruan Redelinghuys (South Africa) – Website / TiR

Adam Lowndes
Adam Lowndes (UK) – Website / TiR

Christoforos Mechanezidis
Christoforos Mechanezidis (Germany) – Website / TiR

Richard Galloway
Richard Galloway (UK) – Website / TiR

John Hope
John Hope (UK) – Website / TiR

Jacques Lloyd
Jacques Lloyd (UK) – Website / TiR

Part of the Vision
Part of the Vision (Belgium) – Website / TiR

Mitzy Geluk
Mitzy Geluk (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Sam Walzade
Sam Walzade (India) – Website / TiR

Geeshan Bandara
Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka) – Website / TiR

Donatella Barbera
Donatella Barbera (Italy) – Website / TiR

Andrew Billington
Andrew Billington (UK) – Website / TiR

Maryline Krynicki
Maryline Krynicki (France) – Website / TiR

Shane O'Neill
Shane O’Neill (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Claudia Naruhn
Claudia Naruhn (Germany) – Website / TiR

Richard Skins
Richard Skins (UK) – Website / TiR

Martin Hecht
Martin Hecht (Germany) – Website / TiR

Linus Moran
Linus Moran (UK) – Website / TiR

Kristof Claeys
Kristof Claeys (Belgium) – Website / TiR

Mauro Correia
Mauro Correia (Portugal) – Website / TiR

JD Land
JD Land (United States) – Website / TiR

joe short
Joe Short (UK) – Website / TiR

Damir Plavotic
Damir Plavotic (Croatia) – Website / TiR

Victoria Sprung
Victoria Sprung (United States) – Website / TiR

Caan Segeren-Doherty
Caan Segeren-Doherty (UK) – Website / TiR

Nathan Eames
Nathan Eames (UK) – Website / TiR

Gaelle Le Berre
Gaelle Le Berre (France) – Website / TiR

Benjamin Stuart
Benjamin Stuart (UK) – Website / TiR

Adam Riley
Adam Riley (UK) – Website / TiR

Sandra Armenteros
Sandra Armenteros (United States) – Website / TiR

David Murphy
David Murphy (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Biance van Schaik
Bianca van Schaik (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Emil Boczek
Emil Boczek (UK) – Website / TiR

Frances Foster
Frances Foster (UK) – Website / TiR

David Scholes
David Scholes (UK) – Website / TiR

Alexander Ziegler
Alexander Ziegler (Germany) – Website / TiR

Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews (UK) – Website / TiR

Melanie Cornish
Melanie Cornish (UK) – Website / TiR

Ekta Rekhi
Ekta Rekhi (India) – Website / TiR

Matteo Carta
Matteo Carta (Italy) – Website / TiR

Patrycja Janik
Patrycja Janik (Germany) – Website / TiR

Ray Anthony Iavasile
Ray Anthony Iavasile (United States) – Website / TiR

Simon Biffen
Simon Biffen (UK) – Website / TiR

Karen Flower
Karen Flower (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Tansley
Paul Tansley (UK) – Website / TiR

Ed Brown
Ed Brown (UK) – Website / TiR

Dagmara Bojenko
Dagmara Bojenko (France) – Website / TiR

Mihai Zaharia
Mihai Zaharia (Romania) – Website / TiR

Janina Brocklesby
Janina Brocklesby (UK) – Website / TiR

Julien Laurent-Georges
Julien Laurent-Georges (France) – Website / TiR

Andy Griffiths
Andy Griffiths (UK) – Website / TiR

Nikos Tsiokas
Nikos Tsiokas (Greece) – Website / TiR

Rohit Gautam
Rohit Gautam (UK) – Website / TiR

R2Arte Photography
R2Arte Photography (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Kristian Leven
Kristian Leven (UK) – Website / TiR

Liam Carroll
Liam Carroll (UK) – Website / TiR

Dean Shearer
Dena Shearer (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Lee Williams
Lee and Karen Williams (UK) – Website / TiR

Lea Torrieri
Lea Torrieri (France) – Website / TiR

Sven Hebbinghaus
Sven Hebbinghaus (Germany) – Website / TiR

Christian Furse
Christian Furse (UK) – Website / TiR

Gosia Fothergill
Gosia Fothergill (UK) – Website / TiR

Colin Perkins
Colin Perkins (UK) – Website / TiR

Matt Badenoch
Matt Badenoch (UK) – Website / TiR

Christin Martin
Christin Martin (UK) – Website / TiR

Eduardo Blanco
Eduardo Blanco (Spain) – Website / TiR

Nick Brightman
Nick Brightman (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers (UK) – Website / TiR

Rob Dodsworth
Rob Dodsworth (UK) – Website / TiR

David Weightman
David Weightman (UK) – Website / TiR

James White
James White (UK) – Website / TiR

Lionel Taplin
Lionel Taplin (UK) – Website / TiR

Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas (United States) – Website / TiR

Wayne La
Wayne La (UK) – Website / TiR

Steven Herrschaft
Steven Herrschaft (Germany) – Website / TiR

Lucy Lloyd
Lucy Lloyd (UK) – Website / TiR

Anji Martin
Anji Martin (United States) – Website / TiR

Pedro Bento
Pedro Bento (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Peter van der Lingen
Peter van der Lingen (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

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