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Best Wedding Photographers in Hungary

We have some of the very best documentary wedding photographers in Hungary here at This is Reportage: Photographers who specialise in capturing the real moments of your day, without asking you to strike awkward poses, repeat things, or to look at the camera.

Of course, they can still take some ‘couple shots’, and those group photos (we understand the pressure, at times, that you have to get those!), but most of the day will be captured totally naturally. After all, do you want to spend your entire wedding staring at the camera? Or repeating things like putting your lipstick on, just so the photographer can ‘get the shot’? Of course not; our members will capture all those kinds of things without ever asking you to stop, or to repeat things – leaving you totally free to enjoy the day, marrying the person you love the most in this world.

Hungary itself is an amazing place to get married, so if you’re planning a destination wedding there, or you’re lucky enough to actually live in the country, you’re sure to be in some of the most beautiful surroundings, including places such as Brody Villa, Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Liszkay Wine Estate, Zala Springs Resort, and many more.

We sometimes hear the question, “Is it important that my chosen photographer has shot at my venue before?”, and the answer to that is a very simple “No!”. It really doesn’t matter; documentary wedding photography is all about capturing the unique moments of your day; it doesn’t matter where that happens to be taking place.

Of course, our photographers will still capture the details of your venue – the landscape, the ambience – but it doesn’t matter if they’ve worked there before or not; most photographers, in fact, work at venues all over the country and Europe, and are often at a venue for the first time; it doesn’t matter, as wedding photography is all about the people. And for those portraits you may also want? No problem! If they haven’t shot there before, they have totally fresh eyes – so your images won’t look the same as everyone else’s.

Here are the top wedding photographers in Hungary:

Aga Tomaszek

best reportage wedding photographers in the world

york place studios

best documentary wedding photographers

best reportage wedding photographers

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