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Julien Laurent-Georges


JLG is not an ordinary photographer. His name is made of three first names: Julien Laurent Georges ; his work record is impressive ; his multiple activities make of JLG an extraordinary professional. Image enthusiast, he lives for his art and trains the photographers of tomorrow. He is the founder of the Photocamex agency and JLG did not specialize in wedding photography by chance. He is very attached to the idea of creating memories and passing them on and he wishes to put his modern outlook and exceptional talent at the service of your story. JLG uses his acclaimed and recognizable touch to tell your Love story and capture your Love through his pictures. JLG has the talent for creating images reminiscent of the work of Irving Penn or Peter Lindbergh, two immense fashion photographers who have sublimated the use of black and white in photography. However, JLG's pictures are never set or stiff, quite the contrary and the color explodes in his photos. This daring photographer's image-paintings are very much alive and are not only beautiful, they also evoke strong emotions. His style is a blend of documentary and art, he love to create exceptional photographies. You are the couple that he will put at the center of every moment, that he will sublimate through compositions in wide shots or very cinematographic tight shots. You will even be present when you are not there, in the tears of a loved one or in the laughter of friends. JLG is your photographer. A friend and an artist, near and far, talented and discreet, he will provide an unusual mix of technical virtuosity and active listening. Julien Laurent-Georges creates for you and with you the album of your lives. Taste the exceptional, it suits you...

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