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This is Now

(Image above by Annie Gozard (France) – Website / TiR Profile)

It’s been another incredibly busy couple of weeks in the wedding world, and we’re thrilled to feature some moments that our TiR members have been capturing recently. Just like the first time we collated some of our members’ current work, we absolutely love seeing the variety of moments captured, and the different ways our members capture them: Tender moments, laugh-out-loud moments, artistic moments, what-on-Earth-is-going-on-there? moments…brilliant, brilliant work.

So, enough of the words; on to the imagery! Here’s a selection of photos captured from recent weddings all over the world from the last few weeks. As always with us, these are documentary captures – no poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

Tim Millen - This Modern Love
This Modern Love (Ireland) – Website / TiR

darren kirwan
Darren Kirwan (Ireland) – Website / TiR

andrew billington
Andrew Billington (UK) – Website / TiR

Tobias Löhr (Germany) – Website / TiR

Ade Kehinde
Ade Kehinde (UK) – Website / TiR

maria assia
Maria Assia (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher (UK) – Website / TiR

Martin Ellard
Martin Ellard (UK) – Website / TiR

james white
James White (UK) – Website / TiR

gosia fothergill
Gosia Fothergill (UK) – Website / TiR

m and g photographic
M&G Photographic (UK) – Website / TiR

lea torrieri
Lea Torrieri (France) – Website / TiR

Lionel Taplin
Lionel Taplin (UK) – Website / TiR

richard galloway
Richard Galloway (UK) – Website / TiR

wayne la
Wayne La (UK) – Website / TiR

amy sampson
Amy Sampson (UK) – Website / TiR

vince hutchings
Vince Hutchings (UK) – Website / TiR

josh tomalin
Josh Tomalin (UK) – Website / TiR

mark capilitan
Mark Capilitan (Ireland) – Website / TiR

paul tansley
Paul Tansley (UK) – Website / TiR

denise motz
Denise Motz (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

richard skins
Richard Skins (UK) – Website / TiR

robin goodlad
Robin Goodlad (UK) – Website / TiR

alexander ziegler
Alexander Ziegler (Germany) – Website / TiR

ronan palliser
Ronan Palliser (Ireland) – Website / TiR

nick haigh
Nick Haigh (UK) – Website / TiR

Laura Crouchley
Laura Crouchley (UK) – Website / TiR

jacque lloyd
Jacques Lloyd (UK) – Website / TiR

Brian robinson
Brian Robinson (UK) – Website / TiR

Yasmina Ilic-Miloradovic (Australia) – Website / TiR

geeshan bandara
Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka) – Website / TiR

damir plavotic
Damir Plavotic (Croatia) – Website / TiR

Andrew Findlay
Andrew Findlay (UK) – Website / TiR

john steel
John Steel (UK) – Website / TiR

kevin kheffache
Kevin Kheffache (Ireland) – Website / TiR

duncan mein
Duncan Mein (UK) – Website / TiR

Gaelle Le Berre
Gaelle Le Berre (France) – Website / TiR

alex miller
Alex Miller (UK) – Website / TiR

Menino Conhece Menina photography
Menino Conhece Menina Photography (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Looking for a photographer to capture the real moments of your day? View more of the work of some of our members above, or look through our entire membership. You can also enter the location of your wedding to see a list of nearby photographers.

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