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(Image above by R2Arte Photography (Portugal) – Website / TiR Profile)

We’re in the thick of wedding season at the moment, with photographers working flat out documenting couples’ weddings the world over. In the first of a new, regular series for us, we want to showcase some of our members‘ current work – the moments they’ve been capturing (and editing, oh yes, all that editing!) recently.

It’s an absolute delight to see such a variety of different recent moments – and the variety of ways our different members captured them, with each photographer having their own distinct style. A real pleasure to see what our members are witnessing – and capturing! – during their recent weddings.

So, without further ado, here are some images captured by our members all over the world during the past few weeks – and, as always with us, we’re all about featuring the reportage aspect of wedding photography; the real, un-scripted moments. So, although our members may do some portraits or group shots (if you want them to), what we’re featuring on the site (and this post) is their documentary coverage, and is thus one hundred percent natural and real. No poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

menino conhece menina
Menino Conhece Menina (Portugal) – Website / TiR

andrew billington
Andrew Billington (UK) – Website / TiR

sam gibson
Sam Gibson (UK) – Website / TiR

denise motz
Denise Motz (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

john hope photography
John Hope (UK) – Website / TiR

nick brightman photography
Nick Brightman (UK) – Website / TiR

Jacques Lloyd
Jacques Lloyd (UK) – Website / TiR

Gaelle le Berre
Gaelle Le Berre (France) – Website / TiR

Geeshan Bandara
Geeshan Bandara (Sri Lanka) – Website / TiR

Alex Toze
Alex Toze (UK) – Website / TiR

Charlie Campey
Charlie Campey (UK) – Website / TiR

Helen Lisk
Helen Lisk (UK) – Website / TiR

sara kirkham
Sara Kirkham (UK) – Website / TiR

Ernst Lalleman
Ernst Lalleman (Spain) – Website / TiR

Tobias Lohr
Tobias Löhr (Germany) – Website / TiR

Lucy Judson
Lucy Judson (UK) – Website / TiR

Lesley Burdett
Lesley Burdett (UK) – Website / TiR

Martin Hecht
Martin Hecht (Germany) – Website / TiR

Corina Fotografia
Corina Fotografia (Spain) – Website / TiR

Louisa Jane
Louisa Jane (UK) – Website / TiR

ronan palliser
Ronan Palliser (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Becki McPhillips
Becki McPhillips (UK) – Website / TiR

Drew Findlay
Andrew Findlay (UK) – Website / TiR

Sam Osborne
Sam Osborne (UK) – Website / TiR

lionel taplin
Lionel Taplin (UK) – Website / TiR

Matt Ebbage
Matt Ebbage (UK) – Website / TiR

Amy Sampson
Amy Sampson (UK) – Website / TiR

Barry Robb
Barry Robb (UK) – Website / TiR

Emma Warley
Emma Warley (UK) – Website / TiR

Maria Assia
Maria Assia (UK) – Website / TiR

gosia fothergill
Gosia Fothergill (UK) – Website / TiR

carrie lavers
Carrie Lavers (UK) – Website / TiR

stephane le ludec
Stephane Le Ludec (France) – Website / TiR

Chris Kemp
Chris Kemp (UK) – Website / TiR

verity westcott
Verity Westcott (UK) – Website / TiR

jo kemp
Jo Kemp (Spain) – Website / TiR

Amhy Barton
Amy Barton (UK) – Website / TiR

steve wheller
Steven Wheller (UK) – Website / TiR

Pete Farrell
Pete Farrell (UK) – Website / TiR

Matt Badenoch
Matt Badenoch (UK) – Website / TiR

richard skins
Richard Skins (UK) – Website / TiR

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