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Ah, speeches time! A part of the day that can result in so many different kinds of captures – from laughter to tears; embarrassment to even more embarrassment! Here are some wedding photography speeches tips by our TiR members:

This Is How: ‘Head In Hands x 3’ by Olly Knight

Delighted to have a new ‘This is How’ piece on the site today, with the fab Olly Knight telling us all about how he captured this great speech image. Olly shares so much gold, here, including insights into bonding with his couple (and their family/friends) – and just why this is so important – composition, shooting up close, shooting through the scene, info on his edit (with a before/after comparison), and more…thanks so much, Olly!

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This is Storytelling: ‘Nele & Michael’ by Sanne De Block

We’re absolutely delighted to have the brilliant Belgium-based TiR member Sanne De Block on the site today, taking us behind the scenes of her recent Story Award – but not only does Sanne talk in depth about that, she also lets us know how she won a Reportage Award which came from the same wedding; double-documentary goodness! We can’t recommend this post enough, with fantastic insights into working in wet conditions (so wet that one of her cameras stopped working properly – eek! – and how she dealt with the problem), practical advice on how to capture in-between moments, lens and flash info, and much more…

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This Is How: ‘Toast To The Brides, I’m Not Crying You’re Crying’ by Shauna Benoit

Fantastic to have US-based TiR member Shauna Benoit of K & S Photography on the site today, telling us about this emotional capture of hers. Great tips about pulling back to capture more context, her flash setup and lens choice – thanks a lot, Shauna!

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This Is How: ‘A Helping Hand’ by Richard Skins

Great to have the fab Richard Skins on the site today to talk to us about this superb capture of his. Really insightful and useful tips about getting in close, focusing on emotion, composition, lens choice and more…thanks so much, Richard!

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This Is How: ‘A Sister’s Love’ by Soven Amatya

It’s an honour today to have the fantastic Soven Amatya on the site, taking us behind the scenes of his recent Reportage Award. Just the top 2% of submissions were awarded by our Collection One Judges, and Soven managed to bag two of them – an incredible achievement. In what is the 40th of our ‘This is How…’ posts, Soven shares great insights into capturing feelings and relationships, a breakdown of his flash setup, focusing on connections between people, and more…

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