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Lighting…good light, bad light, soft light, harsh light, backlight, low-light…we love to talk about light in photography, don’t we! And rightly so; the way that we capture light, the way that we use it to our advantage, all adds so much to an image. Here are some wedding photography lighting tips from our TiR members:

This Is How: ‘Making An Entrance’ by Pete Henderson

Excited to have the brilliant Pete Henderson on the site today, talking to us about how he got this great wedding breakfast entrance capture (a part of the day that can be very difficult indeed to capture so creatively). A super-interesting post, with Pete sharing great insights into balancing the capture of atmosphere/available light, with wanting to make his bride and groom stand out by using flash, great tips on his exact flash setup, pre-focusing, patience, post production, as well as a great little tip about having a ‘backup plan’ for moments like this. A brilliant read!

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This Is How: ‘Two Faces’ by Anna Poole

Honoured to have the great Anna Poole of Luna Weddings with us today, taking us behind the scenes of her recent Reportage Award (Anna actually won two awards in Collection Three; an incredible feat, with only the top 4% of submissions awarded worldwide). Really great insights into getting creative, spotting opportunities, off-camera flash, patience, persistence and more. Anna also shares other images from the series she took, as well as a SOOC file. So interesting; a brilliant read!

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This Is How: ‘Peckish’ by Tim Millen of This Modern Love

A real pleasure to have the fab Tim Millen of This Modern Love on the site today, as he tells us all about this great capture of his – superb tips on light, patience, composition and more. Really great insights on what Tim calls ‘fortune favours the prepared’ too – such a great quote, and so true!

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This Is How: ‘Crocodile At The Crossroads’ by Alexander Ziegler

A real pleasure to have the fab Germany-based This is Reportage member Alexander Ziegler on the site today, telling us how he got this striking dancefloor capture. As always with our ‘This is How…’ pieces, there are some fantastic tips and insights shared, including exploring the world from different perspectives, embracing light and shadows, imagination, and Alexander’s use of monochrome mode on his cameras….thanks so much, Alex!

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This Is How: ‘The Groom Room’ by Rob Dodsworth

Today we’ve got the fab Rob Dodsworth on the site, and I’m excited to be sharing his insights on this brilliant groom-prep shot. Groom-prep is part of the day that’s never really showcased as much as it should be – especially compared to bridal prep – so it’s great to be able to feature it more here today. Great insights on silhouettes, composition, and staying calm under pressure in order to get ‘the shot’…

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