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Lighting…good light, bad light, soft light, harsh light, backlight, low-light…we love to talk about light in photography, don’t we! And rightly so; the way that we capture light, the way that we use it to our advantage, all adds so much to an image. Here are some wedding photography lighting tips from our TiR members:

This Is How: ‘Beards and Beauties’ by Elliot Patching

We absolutely love the ‘This is How’ series of posts by our TiR members, and today’s piece is no exception, with an incredibly interesting behind-the-scenes look by Elliot Patching of his recent Reportage Award from Collection Five. Not only really practical advice about reflections, light and editing, but also insightful tips about patience, pre-visualisation and more…thanks so much, Elliot!

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This Is How: ‘Caught Getting To The Church’ by Martin Beddall

Fab to have Martin Beddall on the blog today to tell us how he got this recent Reportage Award from Collection Five. As well as technical details of how this shot was achieved, it’s really interesting to read about Martin’s thought process, and seeing lots of other images he took of the scene, too. Thanks Martin!

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This Is How: ‘The Flag Bearers’ by Nikola Smernic

An honour to have the fantastic Nikola Smernic on the TiR blog today to tell us all about how he got this Reportage Award-winning image (in Collection Three). Brilliant insights into the importance of capturing the ‘in-between’ moments of a wedding day, making the most of light sources, positioning, capturing traditions, as well as lens choice and full settings. Thanks so much, Nikola; an amazing capture and brilliant read!

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This Is How: ‘Pouring On The Dress’ by Eve Dunlop

Honoured to have the fab Eve Dunlop on the site today to take us behind the scenes of this fantastic bridal prep capture of hers. Really great tips on how to immediately put people at ease (a vital skill!), using natural light, shooting at different angles and from the subject’s point of view, composition and more…thanks, Eve!

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This Is How: ‘The Wedding Singer’ by Anthony Lyons

It’s always fascinating to hear how our TiR members capture their fantastic images, and today is no exception, as we have the fab Anthony Lyons telling us all! Great insights on his lens of choice for this particular capture – and why it’s more than OK to use a zoom! – utilising the available light to his advantage, his thought process about he wanted the final image to look, and detail on his post-production (including a before/after comparison).

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