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This is Storytelling

We don’t only want to recognise and award individual captures; we also want to celebrate the art of storytelling; of consistently capturing moment after moment – something which is incredibly difficult. That’s why, along with our Reportage Awards, we also have our Story Awards, which are for a series of images (15 – 20) from a single wedding. Here are some more posts about them:

This is Storytelling: ‘Priyal and Dan’ by Ash Davenport

We think it’s absolutely amazing when our members share their behind-the-scenes tips and advice about how they captured certain images – and it’s brilliant when they share all about their Story Awards too! Today, the fantastic Ash Davenport is taking us back to one of his Story Awards from Collection Ten, including thoughts on his overall approach, as well as specific details about how he captured certain images from the Award-winning Story. Including tips on capturing emotion, patience, lens choice, layers, storytelling, colour, composition, and more, this is an in-depth and incredibly insightful read – thanks so much, Ash!

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Story Award by Fabio Mirulla / Collection Five

We don’t only want to award individual captures; we also want to celebrate the art of storytelling – the incredible skill of capturing lots of moments from a wedding to an incredibly high standard. That is why, as well as our Reportage Awards for individual captures, we also have our Story Awards, for a series of images (15 – 20) from a single wedding. A photographer who receives a Story Award has shown they can consistently and creatively capture moment after moment; storytelling at its very finest. Typically our five judges (who change for each Collection) only award less than 4% of the submissions we receive, so attaining a Story Award is no mean feat!
Here’s a Story Award from Collection Five, by Fabio Mirulla:

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This is Storytelling: ‘Nele & Michael’ by Sanne De Block

We’re absolutely delighted to have the brilliant Belgium-based TiR member Sanne De Block on the site today, taking us behind the scenes of her recent Story Award – but not only does Sanne talk in depth about that, she also lets us know how she won a Reportage Award which came from the same wedding; double-documentary goodness! We can’t recommend this post enough, with fantastic insights into working in wet conditions (so wet that one of her cameras stopped working properly – eek! – and how she dealt with the problem), practical advice on how to capture in-between moments, lens and flash info, and much more…

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This is Storytelling: ‘Gaelle & David’ by Philippe Swiggers

It’s an honour to have the fantastic Belgium-based TiR member Philippe Swiggers with us today, taking us behind the scenes of his recent Story Award from Collection Three. Story Awards are given to the very best series of images (15 – 20) from a single wedding, representing world-class storytelling, creativity and consistency – with just the top 4% of entries being awarded in Collection Three, receiving a Story Award is no mean feat! I absolutely love what Philippe talks about in this piece: The power and vital importance of building relationships and rapport with not only the couple, but their family and friends too, in order to truly capture the very essence of the day – a brilliant, brilliant read:

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Story Award by Liam Shaw of York Place Studios

One of the main reasons for launching This is Reportage was to showcase the amazing skill and artistry of exceptional documentary wedding photography – but we didn’t only want to showcase and award individual captures. Of course, single moments captured brilliantly are still worth celebrating – and it’s still an extreme skill to capture one! – but we also wanted a place to celebrate the skill of storytelling; of consistently creative and exceptional coverage from a single wedding.

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