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Welcome to the This is Reportage Podcast! Each week we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s very best wedding photographers – sharing their backstories, tips, experience and advice.

Each episode has its own post, where you can listen to it directly, or read a transcript if reading is more your thing! If you enjoy, remember that you can download and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be notified of each weekly episode. We’re also over on Spotify if you prefer to listen that way, or on Google Podcasts.

Podcast Episode 3: This is Citlalli Rico

Delighted to interview the fantastic Citlalli Rico for episode 3! Hailing from Mexico, winner of countless international awards, and with over 700 weddings under her belt, Citlalli shares so much with us, including info about:

working with her sister, how she used to shoot 100 weddings a year, the time she had to speak in front of 2000 people, her love of Harry Potter, top tips for starting out as a wedding photographer, business-sense, how sharing our industry is, staying creative even after shooting over 700 weddings, one of my personal favourite Reportage Award images of hers, capturing the wedding vendors, what she would do if she won the lottery, how the Foundation conference had a massive impact on her career, meeting some her favourite photographers, why submitting ‘honest’ images is what she prefers to do, why Story Awards are her favourite, any regrets in her life, why she used to prefer saying she was unemployed rather than being a wedding photographer (which obviously changed, though!), her favourite part of the day to capture, what the most important thing in life is, and more…

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Podcast Episode 2: This is Ross Harvey

We’ve launched the This is Reportage Podcast today with three episodes; for episode 2 we’re so honoured to have interviewed the brilliant Ross Harvey: Wedding photographer extraordinaire, Nikon ambassador, and a bit of a master of the mind. With countless Awards to his name (including ‘Best Wedding Photographer in England’ two years in a row at TWIA), and experience of teaching at conferences all over the world, Ross has a wealth of great advice to impart.

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Podcast Episode 1: This is Adam Johnson

We’re super excited to be launching the This is Reportage Podcast! We’ll be interviewing some of the world’s very best wedding photographers, delving deep into their lives and careers. Expect lots of brilliant wedding photography advice and tips to be shared, as well as great insights into what makes them tick, how they broke into the industry, anecdotes and life-stories, favourite films, most useful pieces of software, whether they love romantic comedies, and much more…!

We kick off with an absolutely brilliant photographer, based in the UK: Adam Johnson. One of our original TiR judges, Adam has shot weddings in over twenty different countries (something that we go into in depth in his interview, including how he got his very first destination), has won virtually every award under the sun (including no less than six TiR awards, and being named best overall photographer in England at TWIA), and is also a co-founder of the excellent NineDots.

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