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Podcast Episode 30: This is Sam Docker

So great to have the lovely Sam Docker on the Podcast for episode 30! Sam is a Rangefinder 30 Rising Star, winner of numerous TiR Awards, globe-trotting wedding photographer, and also just an all-round top guy – an honour to talk to him for the Podcast! Sam shares so much with us today, including:

how his life’s been impacted during corona and looking at the positives,
his recent experience doing an Iron Man (and why…!)
destination weddings (his thoughts on getting and shooting them, pricing and more)
Instagram tips,
how he went from a business selling second-hand clothes to wedding photographer,
a recent favourite joke and album-choice,
the effect becoming one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars had on him and his career,
his approach to workshops,
the story behind one of his Reportage Awards,
risk and trusting yourself,
his thoughts on equipment and camera systems in general,
his top tips for better documentary work,
his thoughts on staying late,
an embarrassing moment of his photography career,
great advice about starting out,
his first job at McDonald’s and what he’s learned from past jobs,
his lenses of choice,
advice on editing,
Netflix suggestions and how they can affect your photography,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 29: This is Alison Bounce

Super excited to have the fab Alison Bounce with us for episode 29 of the This is Reportage Podcast! Winner of no less than 12 Reportage Awards, Alison is not only one of the best wedding photographers in France, but she’s also a brilliant underwater photographer too, something which we dive into (sorry, had to do that pun!) – amongst many other things – on the episode today.

Stick with us as Alison shares all about:

how she went from being a firefighter to photographer,
how she’s currently dealing with the pandemic,
her thoughts on weddings themselves and why she likes photographing them,
her first ever wedding,
how she got into underwater photography (after initially being scared of water!),
her favourite TV series,
advice for entering our awards (Alison was a judge for us in Collection 6)
an amusing story behind one of her recent Reportage Awards,
how her cat has changed her life,
top tips for starting out in the industry,
giving at workshops and receiving in return,
the bloody tale of what happened after one of her Reportage Awards,
why moment trumps composition and light,
what annoys her about the industry,
shy she doesn’t like to book weddings too long in advance,
what makes her happy,
her thoughts on second shooters and why it’s important they meet the couple beforehand,
the most challenging aspect of wedding photography,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 28: This is Peter Geluk

Delighted to be bringing you the fantastic Peter Geluk for episode 28 of the This is Reportage Podcast! One half of Love Rules, Pete shoots with his wife Mitzy, and they were both in our Top 100 Photographers of 2019 list with a plethora of awards between them.

Pete shares so much with us today, including:

how he’s coping with the pandemic,
how a certain scary event led him to be in business with his wife,
the benefits of shooting as a husband and wife team,
the reason why he’s found himself shooting less frames per wedding,
a great tip to increase your patience and concentration,
what he’d do if he won the lottery,
what ‘being successful’ means to him,
how being a wedding photographer has had an effect on his character,
the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards,
why its vital to know your clients beforehand,
his first ever paid wedding,
his advice if you’re not feeling happy with your work or career point,
mentoring and feelings of responsibility,
a massive tip for a piece of software he couldn’t do without,
having a videographer as part of the team and tips on working with them,
why they chose to downsize,
his creativity journey,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 27: This is Tyler Wirken

Honoured to bring you the one and only Tyler Wirken for episode 27 of the This is Reportage Podcast! Known – rightly so – as one of the best documentary wedding photographers in the USA and the world, Tyler has an incredible amount of accolades and awards, and, with a vast amount of expertise and experience, has long been teaching and mentoring photographers worldwide.

We’ll also be having a Facebook Live with Tyler soon, where you’ll be able to ask him anything about what he says on the Podcast, or just any questions at all – stay tuned to our social media channels to find out when this will be.

Tune in to the episode today as Tyler shares so much, including:

his thoughts on Vegas and shooting an elopement there,
the ethics of photojournalism and the documentary approach,
one of his big regrets (but why he’s also glad he did it when he did),
how social media has changed the perception of weddings,
his documentary approach, and how that has evolved over his 18 years of shooting,
documentary vs ‘play it safe’,
the importance of diversification and having an exit plan,
a day he’d like to re-live over and over again,
why he loves adversity,
life lessons from his Dad and how they’ve affected his photography,
his Wirkshoppers Facebook group where he’s delivering lots of free content,
his Netflix recommendations,
moments of embarrassment in his life,
why it’s essential for him to meet his clients before the wedding,
his top tips for better documentary wedding photography,
the most important picture he’s ever taken,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 26: This is Dominique Shaw of York Place Studios

The fab Dominique Shaw of York Place Studios is our guest for episode 26 of the Podcast! With a whopping 13 TiR Awards under her belt – including 6 Story Awards – Dom has been on our Top Photographers of the Year list for the past two years in a row and, alongside her brother Liam, forms the inimitable duo that is York Place Studios.

As well as this Podcast episode today, we’ll be having a Facebook Live with Dom within the next week or so, where you’ll be able to ask her anything about what you’ve heard her say in the episode today, or just any questions at all. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for the exact time and date.
Stick with us today as Dom shares all about:

how she’s been coping with the pandemic,
the very beginnings of her business and buying the studio,
what it’s like working with her brother (Liam Shaw),
the first wedding she shot at just 16 years old
studying photography,
how she built her style; the unique style of York Place Studios,
her love of Fujifilm,
what makes her happy,
the roles they have in their business and how well they get on with each other,
tips for getting into street photography and how the affect that had on their style,
the videography arm of York Place Studios and working with videographers in general,
her favourite lens,
her top tips for layering,
behind the scenes of one of her specific Reportage Awards,
the importance of capturing the small moments,
tips on shooting without flash,
her advice on Story Awards,
and much more…

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