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Welcome to the This is Reportage Podcast! Each week we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s very best wedding photographers – sharing their backstories, tips, experience and advice.

Each episode has its own post, where you can listen to it directly, or read a transcript if reading is more your thing! If you enjoy, remember that you can download and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be notified of each weekly episode. We’re also over on Spotify if you prefer to listen that way, or on Google Podcasts. We’re now even also on YouTube.

Podcast Episode 12: This is Franck Boutonnet

Honoured to have the fantastic Franck Boutonnet on the Podcast for Episode 12! Hailing from France, Franck has been winning a huge number of awards from all the different associations for the past ten years (including placing 7th overall in our Top 100 Photographers of 2019), and has SO much to share with us, including:

what keeps him entering awards specifically,
dealing with disappointment and re-submitting the images you truly believe in,
three major tips for submitting to awards in general,
how he went from teaching French in America to photojournalism and weddings,
his favourite TV series,
what makes him happy,
his relationship with a fellow (also very talented!) wedding photographer (Rocio Vega),
how they work together sometimes, pushing each other and getting better,
looking at the first Fearless Awards at 2am in Amersterdam,
the subjectivity of ‘success’,
his own doubts and the difficulty of the market,
how the industry has changed and how we need to adapt, the ‘ghosting’ trend and how this affects him and photographers all over the world,
how he gains his clients’ trust and why that’s so vital,
the importance of honesty,
how he built his business around his philisophy of life,
how he deals with stressful situations,
a memorable mistake he made at a wedding and how he learned from it,
what makes a good wedding photographer,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 11: This is Philippe Swiggers

So excited to be bringing you the fantastic Philippe Swiggers for Episode 11 of the Podcast! Hailing from Belgium, winner of no less than 15 TiR Awards (he’s fifth overall, in terms of Lifetime Awards), Philippe is a brilliant photographer and has so much to share, including:

the number of weddings he shoots per year, what he gets up to in the quiet season, the importance of getting someone to photograph his own family, seeing what certain images mean to him and how that helps his own photography, his love for teaching, how he second shot to get into the industry, how he still gets nervous before every wedding, being an introvert in the extrovert world of weddings, the importance of being himself, family and what makes him happy, what success means for him, advice for people who have been shooting for some time but are not happy with their current work, his personal project on social workers which became a book and exhibition, how specifically not thinking with social media in mind helped him, building trust, what he’s awful at, his tips (as a previous judge and winner of five Story Awards himself) for submitting to the Story Awards, how you should never stop believing in your own images and should re-submit what you believe in, photographing Steven Defour’s wedding as a second shooter, the Mind the Moment Collective that he’s part of, why you need to have passion to teach, what skills wedding photographers should have, and more…

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Podcast Episode 10: This is Linda Bouritius

For the tenth episode of our This is Reportage Podcast we’re thrilled to be bringing you the fantastic Linda Bouritius! Based in the Netherlands, Linda was ranked 28th in the World in our Top 100 Photographers of 2019 and has won 7 Lifetime TiR Awards (including 3 Story Awards). Her work is full of life; vibrant, exciting and dynamic – it was an honour to interview her for the Podcast. Linda covers lots of really interesting subjects, including:

dealing with the unpredictability of our industry, what she used to do before being a wedding photographer and how some people were surprised at her change in direction, setting an example for her daughter, shooting concerts and music, why she specifically got into weddings (They’re “like a mini-festival, but on a personal level” – love that quote!), what it was like choosing a wedding photographer – and the day itself – from a bride’s perspective (Linda was recently married), how important it was to have her husband involved in the decision as much as possible, the important realisation that people have busy lives, how she becomes part of the party in order to capture it intimately, “being as much of a guest as possible”, one of her most recent favourite TV series, how she balances being a mum and working, how one of her Reportage Award-winning images caused some controversy; how she dealt with this and how it affected her career and outlook, which day she would choose to ‘do a Groundhog Day’, the reasons why she chooses to deliver her images in a certain way and timeframe, her circle of booking to feedback, a memorable mistake and how she learnt from it, what makes a good wedding photographer, and more…

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Podcast Episode 9: This is Andrew Keher

So excited to have the fantastic Andrew Keher on the Podcast for Episode 9! Eight-time TiR Award winner, Andrew has made our Top Photographers of the year for both 2018 and 2019 (you can see our recently-released Top 100 Photographers of 2019 here) which is a remarkable feat. Our interview with Andrew for this Podcast is extremely interesting, with Andrew talking openly and honestly about such things as:

how to pronounce his surname, his school life growing up in Liverpool, wanting to be a police officer, the story of how he went from a 9 to 5 office job to becoming a wedding photographer (a really great story, involving a viral video and a film crew!), teaching himself photography through YouTube and the internet, how workshops really helped him, approaching his first bride, how having passion and energy for something means you can make it a career, inheriting his Dad’s sense of humour, Evil Dead and being Ash, how a recent regret of his photography career changed his attitude, the story of how he took a very funny Reportage Award, his top tips for getting better at documentary wedding photography, shooting through the moment, making each frame as interesting as possible, how much he likes and values the Story Awards, how they help him in his own blogging, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 8: This is Denise Motz

Welcome to Episode 8 of the This is Reportage Podcast! Honoured to bring you the wonderful Denise Motz today – hailing from Holland, winner of 9 TiR Awards and joint 6th in our Top 30 Photographers of last year, Denise shares so much great info and stories, including:

her work with Camper Retreats, her background in fine art, how she got into weddings, her favouite TV series, the most important thing in life, doing what you love doing and not thinking about the money, photographing her own life, how street photography has impacted her weddings, her reasons for submitting to awards, being in a group to judge each others’ work before submitting, tips from being a judge herself, the power of cropping, her wedding in Uganda, how she get her first destination, her love of travel, the album she’d choose on her desert island, how/why she gets so many alternative weddings, the power of networking with people, attending her first conference, capturing the inbetween moments, kids at weddings, behind the scenes of a specific Reportage Award of hers, travelling through time, social media, sharing her personal life, Instagram Stories, what makes a good wedding photographer, and much more…

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