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Welcome to the This is Reportage Podcast! Each week we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s very best wedding photographers – sharing their backstories, tips, experience and advice.

Each episode has its own post, where you can listen to it directly, or read a transcript if reading is more your thing! If you enjoy, remember that you can download and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be notified of each weekly episode. You can also find us over on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube.

Podcast Episode 87: This is Barbara Puchta

Loved chatting to the fab Barbara Puchta for episode 87 of the Podcast! Barbara is one of the world’s best documentary family photographers, ranking 3rd in Germany for 2020 on This is Reportage: Family, and joint 17th in the world. She shares so much on the episode today, including:

her top tips for improving your documentary family work, how she’s a life coach as well as a photography mentor, her training and workshop partnership with Julia Rose-Greim (who I’ve also interviewed on the Podcast back in episode 60), addictions, her love of coffee, the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards, why she prefers longer family sessions to shorter ones, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 86: This is Nikola Smernic

Such a pleasure to chat to the fab Nikola Smernic for this week’s Podcast! One of the best photographers in Croatia, Nikola was ranked in our Top 10 Photographers Worldwide here on This is Reportage in 2018, and he’s amassed a haul of 11 Awards from us in total (7 Reportage Awards and 4 Story Awards). He talks about so many things today, including:

how he captured one of his specific Reportage Awards (which just happens to be one of my personal all-time favourites, I have to say!), an amazing story about being published in National Geographic (and how that impacted even his own wedding), how quitting his job let him develop as a photographer, behind the scenes of one of his Story Awards that included lions (and not in a zoo!), and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 85: This is Sara Paolucci

The brilliant Sara Paolucci is my guest for episode 85 of the Podcast, and we talk all things documentary family photography! Based in Italy, Sara really knows her stuff: She was ranked in our Top 50 photographers in the world on This is Reportage: Family for 2020, and she was also a judge for us in Collection 5. We cover so many subjects today, including:

how she became a documentary family photographer, why she never regards herself as being ‘a fly on the wall’, her love of public speaking, the power of Instagram Stories, our Netflix synopsis game, vacation photography in Rome, birth photography and the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 84: This is João Lourenço

Really loved chatting to the fab João Lourenço for episode 84 of the Podcast this week! João is one of the best documentary wedding photographers in Portugal, and was in our Top 10 Portuguese photographers of 2020. He’s won 3 Story Awards from us, and 6 Reportage Awards too – an amazing haul, and he talks about some of those on the episode today, as well as many other things, including:

how he’s used Excel to really strengthen his business, his love of travel and how that helped kickstart his photography, a certain function that only Fujifilm cameras have that is great for documentary, storytelling, top tips for better coverage, our Netflix game, motorbikes, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 83: This is Stephana Ferrell

The fab Stephana Ferrell is my guest on this week’s Podcast, and I absolutely loved talking to her! Based in the USA, Stephana is a brilliant documentary family photographer; she was ranked 6th in the US on This is Reportage: Family for 2020 (and joint-47th in the World), and she’s won 6 Reportage Family Awards from us. She talks about one of those specific images on the episode today, along with so much more, including:

how and why she transitioned from weddings to families, vacation photography, what her ‘last meal’ would be, escape rooms, Disney, the business-side of what we do and being raised by a generation of entrepreneurs, our Netflix synopsis game, and so much more…

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