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Welcome to the This is Reportage Podcast! Each week we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s very best wedding photographers – sharing their backstories, tips, experience and advice.

Each episode has its own post, where you can listen to it directly, or read a transcript if reading is more your thing! If you enjoy, remember that you can download and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be notified of each weekly episode. You can also find us over on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube.

Podcast Episode 73: This is Patrick Lombaert

Excited to welcome the fab Patrick Lombaert on to our Podcast for episode 73! Patrick is one of the very best documentary wedding photographers in France, and was our 2nd-ranked French photographer for 2020, with 8 Reportage Awards and a Story Award. Not only is he a great photographer, but he has also very selflessly passed on his knowledge and helped out over 80 of his colleagues with over 170 hours of free online skype/zoom conversations too – something which I find truly remarkable, and we talk about that on the episode today, along with many other things, including:

why the good photographer is not the invisible one, the in-between moments, his own reasons for entering awards, shooting during covid times, how he became a photographer, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards, tips for if you’re feeling a bit unhappy or stagnated with your work, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 72: This is Ralu Chase

A real pleasure to chat to the fab Ralu Chase for episode 72 of the Podcast today! Ralu was ranked no.1 in the UK on This is Reportage: Family in 2020 (and 5th in the world), with 8 Reportage Family Awards and 2 Family Story Awards to her name, and I found it really inspiring talking to her. Tune in today as Ralu shares all about:

the story behind of her specific Family Story Awards that doesn’t actually show any people, her top tips for documentary family photography in general, what living in three different countries over two different continents has meant to her and her photography, our Netflix synopsis game, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 71: This is Marek Troszczynski

Welcome to episode 71 of the Podcast, where I’m thrilled to be chatting to the fab Marek Troszczynski! Marek was joint-28th in the World on TiR in 2020, and joint 24th on This is Reportage: Family – this is a man who really knows his stuff when it comes to documentary photography! But not only is he a fantastic photographer, he’s a truly lovely guy too; really enjoyed chatting with him. Tune in today as Marek talks all about:

his experience of being a groom himself (and thus on the other side of the camera), how and why he became a photographer, shooting a wedding with 1000 guests, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards, photographing his own family, and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 70: This is Elke Van Rulo

Excited to be joined by the fab Elke Van Rulo for this week’s Podcast! Recently ranked 5th in Belgium on This is Reportage: Family for 2020, with 4 Reportage Family Awards and a Family Story Award – and having already picked up two more Family Story Awards in our first Collection of 2021 – Elke shares so many great tips and insights into documentary family photography today, including:

the importance of talking when it comes to building trust and rapport, why she started to study photography when she did, her move to America and then back again, day in the life sessions, the value of having her own family photographed, our Netflix synopsis game, photographing her friend’s child’s birth, and much more…

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Podcast Episode 69: This is Dan Morris

I had such a great time chatting to the lovely human being that is Dan Morris for this week’s Podcast! Originally from South Wales (which we may mention a little bit in the episode…), Dan is now based in Cheltenham in the UK, and he captures weddings all over Europe. He recently won 5 Reportage Awards in a single Collection, which is a proper achievement, and Dan talks about one of those specific Awards on the episode, as well as many other things, including:

his journey from electrical engineer to photographer, his love of colour, a very funny (but stressful to hear!) story of how he lost his wallet whilst travelling between weddings, his very special sausage dog, how 2020 was for him, his spot-coloured capture of the Olympic Torch Relay, why and how he ‘hides in plain sight’, ‘The Wedding Street Podcast’ that he does with Rob Edge, and much more…

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