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Welcome to the This is Reportage Podcast! Each week we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s very best wedding photographers – sharing their backstories, tips, experience and advice.

Each episode has its own post, where you can listen to it directly, or read a transcript if reading is more your thing! If you enjoy, remember that you can download and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be notified of each weekly episode. You can also find us over on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube.

Podcast Episode 123: This is Andy Gaines

After a bit of a break I’m very happy to be back with the Podcast, and very excited that the fab Andy Gaines is kicking off this new series! Andy was recently our TiR no.1 photographer for the UK for 2022, and 2nd in the world overall as well, with 12 individual and 3 story awards in the year – an incredible feat. As well as being a great photographer, you’ll also know him as one of the co-founders of Nine Dots; something we talk about on the episode today, as well as many other things, including:

immersing yourself into every wedding – and shooting right to the very end of the night
why he focuses on being a great service provider to his couples, and how that can improve your art
how he went from musician to photographer
mountain ultra-running
the story behind one of his Reportage Awards
shooting his very first wedding (which was his sister’s)
co-founding the brilliant NineDots and his experience running it
our Netflix synopsis game
and so much more…

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Podcast Episode 121: This is Theo Manusaride

It’s an honour to chat to the fab Theo Manusaride this week! Theo is one of the best documentary photographers in the Netherlands, and has won 13 Awards from us for her family work, as well as 9 Awards from us for her wedding work – an incredible achievement! Theo talks about both disciplines in the episode, including:

how she moved her entire life and business from Romania to the Netherlands – on the first day of lockdown!
the importance of work/life balance,
photographing her close friend’s childbirth,
why she changed her style to really focus on documentary,
the story of how she captured a specific family and wedding award from us,
Google Ads and tips for making it work for you,
why she’s a big fan of the ‘less is more’ approach in life,
and much more…

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Podcast Episode 120: This is Stacy Gillespie

Excited to talk to the fab Stacy Gillespie for episode 120 of the Podcast this week! One of the best wedding photographers in the USA, Stacy, along with her husband Trent, shoot weddings all over the world, and have won a haul of 7 Reportage Awards and 2 Story Awards between them. She shares so much on the episode today, including:

how and why it’s so important to immerse yourself in the wedding,
snow and mountain weddings (and the extra logistical considerations they bring)
confidence in using flash in all different circumstances (and the workshops she runs about this)
our Netflix synopsis game,
the story behind one of her specific Reportage Awards,
finding a good work/life balance,
marketing, empathy, and so much more…!

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Podcast Episode 119: This is Kirsten Lewis

In the style of David Letterman, my next guest needs no introduction… but I’m going to do one anyway! It’s a real honour to chat to the fab Kirsten Lewis this week. Heralded by many to have really spearheaded the entire genre of documentary family photography (although Kirsten has a much more humble description of herself, which you’ll hear on the episode), she has been mentioned by virtually every family photographer I’ve interviewed on the Podcast, and has inspired so many people to pick up a camera and capture family life.

She shares so much in this episode, and it’s an extra-long one, because as well as my own questions, I also ask Kirsten lots of questions put forward by our This is Reportage: Family community. Stick with us today, as Kirsten talks about:

the story behind how she got her first Creative Live class, and the impact it had on her
her journey to being a photographer and teacher
co-founding the Documentary Family Awards
why she made the transition from weddings to families
how she captured a couple of her Reportage Family Awards
photographing her own family
and so much more

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Podcast Episode 118: This is Oliver Saillard

I loved chatting to the fab Oliver Saillard for episode #118 of the Podcast this week! One of the best documentary wedding photographers in France, Oliver has won three Reportage Awards from us – with one of those coming from his very first wedding, which is quite the feat! He talks about that on the episode today, as well as many other things, including:

why he can speak four different languages,
choosing his own wedding photographer with a similar (but crucially different!) name,
why it’s great to analyse contests with your colleagues,
personal projects, travelling and photobooks,
what makes him happy,
tips for if you’re just starting out as a wedding photographer,
and much more…

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