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Best Wedding Photographers in Italy

Are you getting married soon? Got your venue sorted, and now looking for someone to capture your day creatively and artistically for you? Welcome to This is Reportage, where we have the very best documentary wedding photographers in Italy.

From Tuscany to Rome, Florence to Naples, and everywhere else in beautiful Italy, our members are all waiting to hear about your wedding plans – they can’t wait to capture each and every moment for you forever.

With some of the most beautiful landscape and sunsets in the world – along with some of the very best venues – Italy really is a magical place to get married. Our members have shot all over the country, including venues such as Belmond Hotel Caruso, Villaa d’Este in Lake Como, Villa Cimbrone, Villa Antiche Mura and lots of others.

Does it matter if your photographer has shot at your venue before, though? No, it really doesn’t, because reportage/documentary photography is all about capturing moments – not asking you to look at the camera, or to be posing all day; but rather to be unobtrusively capturing everything as it happens.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your photographer won’t take any portraits, or any group shots, or details of your venue – of course, our members still get all of these (if you want them to, of course), but, for 99% of your day, they’ll be focusing on the hugs, the tears, the huge belly laughs, the embraces, the nervous glances, the dancefloor ‘moves’…the moments.

Our Italian members have won so many awards from us; Awards that prove they really are the best. We have Reportage Awards to celebrate amazing individual captures, and also Story Awards, which celebrate consistently creative coverage.

Below you’ll find the top wedding photographers in Italy, ranked, by default, by recent awards won (you can also choose to sort by Lifetime Awards, too):

Aga Tomaszek

best reportage wedding photographers in the world

york place studios

best documentary wedding photographers

best reportage wedding photographers

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