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Alessandro Iasevoli


About Alessandro

I have been working in the TLC market for 15years. In the meantime I invested a lot in my education in Photography, studying with recognized national and international street and reportage photographers. I studied and worked at the Master of Photojournalism at Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Comunicazione Integrata in Rome. Then in 2013 I made a turn and decided to follow my everlasting passion, photography. I am a professional photographer since then. I am a photographer shooting at weddings and events trying to convey there my passion and background for documentary and street photography. In 2016, with my mate and colleague Giuseppe I created Latitudine41, our own Wedding Photography Studio where to convey our own ideas, capabilities, our love for storytelling and for the people. Latitudine41 is a geo reference tag who is meant to identify color and atmosphere of the mediterranean culture.

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