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Raul Gori


My name is Rahul and I am a destination photographer.
I live in Tuscany, but I move all over the world. I moved here with my girl, without whom I wouldn't be who I am today: a professional photographer. She's the one who prompted and encouraged me to always give my best.
The passion for photography and music has always accompanied me.
At the beginning, I wouldn't have believed that photography would become an important engagement, as it is today, but my passion and love have turned it into a real job.
Why photograph weddings?
I’ll easily reply to this question: it makes me feel good and I like to describe and to tell the story of two people through the importance of the light and the value of the shadows.
Mostly, I love making people feel good and I feel privileged to describe those important and priceless moments.
I take care of every project, from beginning to end, paying close attention to every single detail, making the greatest possible effort to give the couple a high professionalism.
The need to express myself has led me to study photography and by exploring it more deeply, I have also found myself.

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