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Edoardo Agresti


Born in Florence, Edoardo inherited his father’s passion for travel and for photography so much so it became his profession. Edoardo’s travels began at the age of 9 (he has travelled on more than 130 expeditions all over the world) and has allowed him to develop a special sensitivity in his mind and heart allowing him to grasp reality in all its beauty and depth.

Edoardo Agresti was elected 3 times as "Photographer of the Year" by the National Association of wedding photographers

He was elected POY - Photographer Of the Year - by the American Association AGWPJA, Edoardo entered the list of the most important 50 wedding photographers in the world by the prestigious Association Junebug. In 2022 enters to be part of the prestigious World's Best Wedding Photo association. Edoardo has been selected to be one of the international judges in the most important chinese photographic festival CPA.

First prize for 'Wedding album (single photographer)' at WPPI annual contest in Las Vegas
First runner as POY in AgWPJA, one of the most important american wedding associations.
In 2019 he joined the team of photographers of the National Geographic Expedition.

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