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This is Now

It’s the time of the year where wedding season begins for some of us (though not all, as seasons vary from country to country), and so we’re super happy to be bringing you another ‘This is Now’ feature: A round up of natural, unposed images, captured from weddings that have taken place over the past few weeks by some of our TiR photographers.

We love seeing what our members have captured recently; from intense partying action, to emotional speeches, first dances to last dances, and everything in between; it’s a joy to see how differently – and uniquely – each photographer captures each moment.

So, without further ado, here’s some brilliant recent photos from some of our TiR members worldwide – and, as always with us, these are all natural moments; capturing the real essence of both the wedding day, and the people themselves.

No poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

Eduardo Blanco
Eduardo Blanco (Spain) – Website / TiR

Leonard Walpot
Leonard Walpot (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Florence Moncenis
Florence Moncenis (France) – Website / TiR

Sylvain Bouzat
Sylvain Bouzat (France) – Website / TiR

Elisa Bellanti
Elisa Bellanti (Italy) – Website / TiR

Chiara Ridolfi
Chiara Ridolfi (Italy) – Website / TiR

Paulo Castro
Paulo Castro (Portugal) – Website / TiR

Shane O Neil
Shane O’Neill (Ireland) – Website / TiR

Andrew Billington
Andrew Billington (UK) – Website / TiR

Ruan Redelinghuys
Ruan Redelinghuys (South Africa) – Website / TiR

Ash Davenport
Ash Davenport (UK) – Website / TiR

Tom Beynon
Tom Beynon (UK) – Website / TiR

Vlad Lodoaba
Vlad Lodoaba (Romania) – Website / TiR

Martin Dabek
Martin Dabek (UK) – Website / TiR

Sam Walzade
Sam Walzade (India) – Website / TiR

James White
James White (UK) – Website / TiR

Steven Wheller
Steven Wheller (UK) – Website / TiR

Nadine Lotz
Nadine Lotze (Germany) – Website / TiR

Matt Badenoch
Matt Badenoch (UK) – Website / TiR

Janina Brocklesby
Janina Brocklesby (UK) – Website / TiR

Gaelle le Berre
Gaelle Le Berre (France) – Website / TiR

Kristof Claeys
Kristof Claeys (Belgium) – Website / TiR

Alexa Poppe
Alexa Poppe (UK) – Website / TiR

Patrick Engel
Patrick Engel (Germany) – Website / TiR

Simon Leclercq
Simon Leclercq (Belgium) – Website / TiR

Matt Godman
Matt Godman (UK) – Website / TiR

Richard Galloway
Richard Galloway (UK) – Website / TiR

Ekta Rekhi
Ekta Rekhi (India) – Website / TiR

Pete Martin
Pete Martin (United States) – Website / TiR

Denise Motz
Denise Motz (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Alexander Ziegler
Alexander Ziegler (Germany) – Website / TiR

Emma and Rich
Emma and Rich (UK) – Website / TiR

Brittany Diliberto
Brittany Diliberto (United States) – Website / TiR

Anji Martin
Anji Martin (United States) – Website / TiR

Robin Goodlad
Robin Goodlad (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers (UK) – Website / TiR

Claudia Naruhn
Claudia Naruhn (Germany) – Website / TiR

Pete Farrell
Pete Farrell (UK) – Website / TiR

Patrick Mateer
Patrick Mateer (UK) – Website / TiR

Nick Brightman
Nick Brightman (UK) – Website / TiR

LLG Photography
LLG Photography (UK) – Website / TiR

Edith van Aken
Edith van Aken (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Jenny Rutterford
Jenny Rutterford (UK) – Website / TiR

Vince Hutchings
Vince Hutchings (UK) – Website / TiR

Elke Teurlings
Elke Teurlings (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

Pedro Bento
Pedro Bento (Portugal) – Website / TiR

melanie cornish
Melanie Cornish (UK) – Website / TiR

Clive Blair
Clive Blair (UK) – Website / TiR

Jacques Lloyd
Jacques Lloyd (UK) – Website / TiR

Sara Kirkham
Sara Kirkham (UK) – Website / TiR

Tobias Lohr
Tobias Löhr (Germany) – Website / TiR

Lucy Judson
Lucy Judson (UK) – Website / TiR

Pete Holpin
Pete Holpin (UK) – Website / TiR

Steven Herrschaft
Steven Herrschaft (Germany) – Website / TiR

Liz Holpin
Liz Holpin (UK) – Website / TiR

Amy Dowling
Amy Dowling (UK) – Website / TiR

Paul Tansley
Paul Tansley (UK) – Website / TiR

Meral Soydas
Meral Soydas (Netherlands) – Website / TiR

sophie callewaert
Sophie Callewaert (Belgium) – Website / TiR

Johnny Shryock
Johnny Shryock (United States) – Website / TiR

Julien Laurent-Georges
Julien Laurent-Georges (France) – Website / TiR

David Scholes
David Scholes (UK) – Website / TiR

Soven Amatya
Soven Amatya (UK) – Website / TiR

Are you getting married soon? Want your wedding to be captured naturally, yet artistically and creatively? We highly recommend you check out the photographers who have featured above – or browse through all of our photographers here (where you can search by location of your wedding).

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