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Jenny Rutterford

Sussex & Surrey | United Kingdom

I tell the story of your day. I observe and carefully capture all the little (and not so little) moments, so that when you look at your images, you experience again and again your day as it really happened. More than a collection of key events, my version of your story is created through emotion, how you felt as you said your vows, the interactions of family and friends, the tears of joy and the laughter. You’ll hardly know I’m there, but I’ll be discreetly making the most of every opportunity to capture true character. It’s simply what I love to do, and the reason why I choose to become a wedding photographer.

You want to remember your wedding as it really was, with fun, vibrant photos that capture personality and true emotion. And you want to forget about the camera and enjoy your day with confidence.

I tell 20 Wedding Stories each year. Let me tell Yours.

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