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First Dance

The First Dance is an element of wedding photography that people can get a little nervous about capturing – low light combined with fast movement (sometimes!) can be a difficult mixture! But there’s really no need to be anxious: To have knowledge, is to be prepared! Here are some wedding photography first dance tips by our world-class TiR members:

This is How: ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ & ‘The Call Back’ by Patrick Mateer

Thrilled to bring you a brand new ‘This is How’ piece today, and it’s a double-header, as the fab Patrick Mateer reveals how he captured two Reportage Awards from the same wedding.

This is a really in-depth piece – thanks so much Patrick! – with lots of insights into things such as reportage details, colour, composition, the power of cropping, contrast, capturing the dancefloor, the first dance, shooting close, visual ‘call backs’, observation, context, and more….

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This Is How: ‘First Dance As Shot From A Balcony’ by Leonard Walpot

Thrilled to have Leonard Walpot with us today, as he tells us all about how he captured this Reportage Award from Collection Seven (Collection Eight winners due to be announced later this week, by the way!). Really great insights into working with two ‘lead’ photographers at this particular wedding, composition, finding different viewpoints, pre-visualisation and more…

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This is Storytelling: ‘Nele & Michael’ by Sanne De Block

We’re absolutely delighted to have the brilliant Belgium-based TiR member Sanne De Block on the site today, taking us behind the scenes of her recent Story Award – but not only does Sanne talk in depth about that, she also lets us know how she won a Reportage Award which came from the same wedding; double-documentary goodness! We can’t recommend this post enough, with fantastic insights into working in wet conditions (so wet that one of her cameras stopped working properly – eek! – and how she dealt with the problem), practical advice on how to capture in-between moments, lens and flash info, and much more…

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This Is How: ‘The Backflip’ by R2Arte Photography

Thrilled to have Portugal-based Ricardo and Rita of R2Arte Photography on the site today, telling us all about how this great first dance capture came about. Great insights into how a duo of photographers can work to capture different angles, and how the fore-knowledge of how the DJ would light the dancefloor enabled them to get this great image…

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This Is How: ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Rik Pennington

The fabulous Rik Pennington is on the TiR blog today, for the thirty-sixth in our series of ‘This is How…’ posts; it’s an honour to have Rik take us behind the scenes of his recent Reportage Award (which was incredibly tough to achieve; just the top 2% of submissions were awarded by our Collection One judges). Rik shares great insights into making the very most of the light you have available to you, capturing movement, his personal compositional style, patience, and more…

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