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These are ‘This is How’ pieces that specifically talk about instances where a photographer pre-visualised an image; seeing a resultant capture in their head before it has actually happened (and all about the techniques they used in order to obtain it):

This Is How: ‘The Limbo Challenge’ by Martin Makowski

Delighted to have Martin Makowski with us today, taking us behind the scenes of his recent Reportage Award from Collection Five. Great tips about trying different perspectives, envisaging an image, and the process he went through to try (and succeed!) to achieve it. Also included is lots of supporting images; various other captures by Martin, so you can see how he worked through the scene – great stuff indeed, thanks Martin!

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This Is How: ‘The Wedding Singer’ by Anthony Lyons

It’s always fascinating to hear how our TiR members capture their fantastic images, and today is no exception, as we have the fab Anthony Lyons telling us all! Great insights on his lens of choice for this particular capture – and why it’s more than OK to use a zoom! – utilising the available light to his advantage, his thought process about he wanted the final image to look, and detail on his post-production (including a before/after comparison).

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This Is How: ‘Making An Entrance’ by Pete Henderson

Excited to have the brilliant Pete Henderson on the site today, talking to us about how he got this great wedding breakfast entrance capture (a part of the day that can be very difficult indeed to capture so creatively). A super-interesting post, with Pete sharing great insights into balancing the capture of atmosphere/available light, with wanting to make his bride and groom stand out by using flash, great tips on his exact flash setup, pre-focusing, patience, post production, as well as a great little tip about having a ‘backup plan’ for moments like this. A brilliant read!

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This Is How: ‘Dad’s First Look’ by Kristian Leven

For our forty-first ‘This is How…’ piece, it’s a real treat to have the fab Kristian Leven on the site today, taking us behind the scenes of this fantastic capture. Kristian was one of our Collection One judges, and has long been a personal favourite photographer of mine, so it’s great to have him sharing his thoughts today. We’re also proud to be sponsoring his upcoming inaugural workshop in London, UK: ‘From Photographer to Storyteller’. Kristian shares some invaluable tips here on pre-visualisation, originality and creativity, technical advice, and more – he also shares his contact sheet from this series, as well as some supporting images; a brilliant read!

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This Is How: ‘The Twin Cam Shot’ by Mark Capilitan

It’s an honour to have the fab Ireland-based TiR member Mark Capilitan on the site today, telling us how he captured this unique image – something I’m sure Mark’s background in Formula 1 photography really came in useful for! In the thirty-second of our ‘This is How…’ series, Mark gives us great insights into capturing unique images of the things that mean a lot to a couple (such as their car, here), pre-visualisation, great technical tips on achieving panning images, capturing motion and a sense of speed, and more…thanks so much, Mark!

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