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Best Wedding Photographers in Ireland

Ah Ireland, one of the most beautiful places in the entire world – you’re very lucky to be getting married there! Your wedding deserves to be captured by one of the very best documentary wedding photographers in Ireland – and that’s exactly what you’ll find below.

From Dublin to Donegal, all the Republic of Ireland photographers below are at the very top of their game; experts in blending into your day to come away with the things that matter most: Memories. Enjoy your day, relaxed in the knowledge that it’s all being captured creatively, artistically, and naturally (although some group shots or portraits – if you want them, of course! – are not a problem, either).

Ireland has such a diverse landscape, from the sprawling urban capital of Dublin, to the idyllic Cliffs of Moher, and everything in between. There are wedding venues to cater for all different tastes and styles too, such as Dromoland Castle Hotel, Adare Manor, Longuevill House, Carton House, The K Club and lots more.

Got your venue sorted? Great; all you need now is (perhaps the most important choice you’ll make, although we are biased) an amazing photographer to capture all the memories of the day for you. Our Irish members have the proven ability to capture moment after moment – and we’re not just talking snapshots, either. For someone to be a member of This is Reportage, they have to capture moments creatively and artistically, which is an incredible skill.

Some of the Award-winning captures from our Irish members include deeply layered bridal prep captures, super-speedy reaction shots as a guest jumps away from a broken dropped (and smashed!) drink, the bride and groom arriving into their wedding breakfast on motorbike, twirling bridesmaids captured with a slow shutter speed to show their movement, incredibly nervous-looking grooms at the front of the altar, and many more.

Enough of the talking; here are the top wedding photographers in Ireland:

Aga Tomaszek

best reportage wedding photographers in the world

york place studios

best documentary wedding photographers

best reportage wedding photographers

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