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Phil Voon


My couples usually say something like: " Hey Phil, we only want 10 mins of family photos, maybe a few couple shots, the kind that are on your website but not too many and then kinda feck off and let us celebrate! We really want to enjoy our day with family and friends and not get bogged down in photos. However we want lots of photos. We love natural photos of the family. Just in case they emigrate or something, you know what I mean. Get everyone we love as they are; in joy, in passion, in tears, in boredom, in whatever comes to the day as you see it. Just go for it, your photos show you work hard and enjoy what you do. We like that. My sister's wedding photographer had resting b*tch face. We don't want that. We love having a laugh. Be like a guest but in a ninja sorta way. My sister's photographer ate all the canapes and we didn't like that and my ma will want a few photos of her sisters. She has 13 sisters and 1 brother. Oh and me da thinks he's a photographer, is it okay if he brings his camera? He might ask you a few questions too"

What I usually say "Absolutely, let's do it!"

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