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Andrew Sharman


After a solo trip to Rome in august of 2019. I came home with some shots on my mobile phone a Samsung s10 at the time I had this shot of a statue with a sunstar coming from the corner of it hadn't a clue how I even did it at the time ha and looking back at my photos I made the decision that wanted to pick up a camera (thinking this is going to be easy to learn). Oh how wrong I was!!!! like most I started off in landscapes but I cannot be arsed waiting hours for the light to change and taking the same photo of the same tree or church or whatever it was. I always wanted my photos to be about something not just of something so when I discovered street photography that just changed everything for me. I switched to fuji about a year after buying my lil canon 250d and just fell in love with how excited the cameras made me to shoot. I was out on the streets as much as I could. shot my first wedding in Feb 2021 during covid as a favour for a friend and that was it I was hooked. After been gifted a ticket to docday this year by the legend that is Kevin Kheffache it changed how I looked at weddings and what wedding photography could be. It made me realise the route I was going with my photography was the right path for me and that if I whole heartedly believed in what I was doing then so would others.
I can't wait to discover and learn from more awesome photographer associated with TIR!!!

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