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Tadhg Nathan


Hello my name is Tadhg Nathan. For over 10 years I have been lucky enough to be able to be a full-time wedding photographer. I have traveled all around Ireland and abroad to help couples capture the most precious moments of their wedding day no matter their style of venue. Using my unique style of 'reportage photography' you will feel completely natural and totally comfortable and fully enjoy your drinks reception with your family and friends. Using my documentary style minimises the number of posed photographs that you will have on your wedding day giving you the freedom to enjoy your day as you have always planned it. Your photographs will reflect the real feelings and emotions of your family and friends at your wedding.

If you’ll kindly bear with me for a moment I also want to say that reportage photography can be abstract too. Photography from a different perspective, telling a story in a different way. These shots here both tell a story. The first of the bridal party as they walk to the ceremony – to me there is a lovely symbolism of the journey that is marriage itself. The next shot to me is also a favourite. It shows a bride admiring her dress, unseen by others, in the background. The out of focus bridesmaid in the foreground symbolises the flurry of activity of the wedding morning and beautifully juxtaposes the quiet moment the bride has to admire her dress. Perhaps she’s thinking about all the steps that led her to this moment.

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