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TiR Peer Praise: Chris Denner on Ben Minnaar

So excited to bring you a brand-new feature today: ‘TiR Peer Praise‘. We thought it would be nice for our members to be able to highlight and praise another member in some way – whether that’s because they love the other photographer’s work, or perhaps they’ve helped them out recently, been an inspiration to them, or just whatever reason they think that person deserves to be recognised for.

For our very first one, Chris Denner (top-left) (TiR / Website) has reached out to talk about Ben Minnaar (top-right) (TiR / Website). Here’s what Chris had to say about Ben:

Reportage Award by Ben Minnaar

“So, I’d love to big up Ben Minnaar. Never met the dude, BUT I adore his work.

It’s simple and clean, but I think he`s a killer storyteller. I follow him on Social Media and it’s such a constant level of work that he`s one of those guys you think “F*** me, I love him but I kinda hate him too as his work’s so good”.

His three TiR awards are awesome, TBH I’m really surprised he`s not got any more.

If you stalk through his blog, or Social media, there`s a feel to his work that just looks really effortless, and I pray to every deity available that it isn’t the case and that he`s chained to his computer all day, every day to create his magic.

Case in point – his TiR award shot of the champagne (top). Seriously!!!!!!

Like I said, never met the guy, but I think he deserves some fame. Certainly, I`m a big fan of what he`s creating.” – Chris Denner

Reportage Award by Ben Minnaar

Thanks so much to Chris for such lovely words about Ben!

We hope you enjoyed reading this TiR Peer Praise piece; we really hope to publish more in the future.

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