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Ben Minnaar

Cambridgeshire & London | United Kingdom

Hi there,

My name's Ben and thanks for stopping by This is Reportage to have a look at some of what I think to be the most natural, true and raw type of wedding photography in the world.

From when I started taking photos I found that I treasured moments with my loved ones more than anything else. It didn't matter if the photo wasn't technically perfect but as long as the image depicted them in their true self and in the moment how I remember, it made me very happy. That was the point I realised that this was something I wanted to try and capture for others. The difficulty was photographing other families, whom I may not know very well, through my eye. As time progressed i've learnt to be incredibly patient and just watch. Watch for relationships. Not a relationship with the camera but relationships between people, between light and between the environment. These relationships make up the stories that I try to show through my work.

I hope you enjoy the diverse work shown by everyone on this site. The beauty of reportage imagery is that each individual capture is never the same and that's what makes it so awesome.

Have fun! :-)

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