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Collection Twelve

Extremely excited to announce the winners of Collection Twelve! These Reportage and Story Awards really do represent the very best in documentary wedding photography worldwide: From another record number of thousands of submissions our five judges chose just the top 3% of individual captures to become Reportage Awards, and the best 7% of Stories to become Story Awards. Truly incredibly hard to achieve either award; if you’re one of the winners below, you should be incredibly proud!

Thanks so much to our five judges for this round: The brilliant Matt Tyler, Nadine van Biljon, Steve Gerrard, Marta May and Ralf Czogallik.

No poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.


  • Ralf Czogallik
  • Matt Tyler
  • Steve Gerrard
  • Nadine van Biljon
  • Marta May

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