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Nadine van Biljon

Surrey & London | United Kingdom

Hey there,

I'm Nadine, a creative story teller fuelled by the excitement, the nerves, the pride, the overwhelming happiness, the nostalgia, laughter, tears, chaos and general shenanigans you find at a wedding. Its these entirely natural emotions that make the most precious images and where they are happening at a wedding is where you'll find me!

As you'll see from these two images, I like to fully immerse myself in the action as believe it or not, that's where I find I'm least obtrusive. Getting people to see me more like a guest means they quickly lose any inhibitions about my camera allowing me to capture the most natural of reactions up close and personal.

I live just outside London, in leafy Surrey but travel all over the UK and abroad to capture these unique stories - there is nowhere I won't go for a decent wedding so if you like what you see here do get in touch, I'd love to hear what you have planned!

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