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Marta May

Herefordshire | United Kingdom

Marta May Photography is also known as THE MAYS.
We're Marta & Artur and we shoot the majority of weddings together.

Someone once asked us - what's ONE most important picture from a wedding day - can you answer that?
Well, I can't because all of them are important. Like for example...

- the image of you and your girls having the best time in the morning
- the image of your dad seeing you in your dress for the first time (and this isn't always about the dad crying - sometimes the dad takes out his iphone and takes his own photo, so the expected moment doesn't even happen - but then your girls standing behind you might cry and that's a super special moment too)
- the image of the first father-daugther dance (like the image you see here). This was a very unique wedding - the bride was in her 60s and her dad was in his 90s and he still managed to walk his daughter down the aisle... just imagine that dance in the evening!

How could I choose just one most important image from a wedding? Not possible. And I haven't even mentioned the grooms tears, the feeling of embarrassment during the speeches...

So this is who we are - we capture feelings and those unique moments.

More about us?
Marta - a biochemist who had a furniture shop in Sweden (the land if Ikea, yes!), loves languages
Artur - a microbiologist who had a furniture shop in Sweden (yes, the same shop), loves metal detecting
We have two kids - Gabi and Timmy and we love capturing our couples unique stories!

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