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Marta May

Herefordshire | United Kingdom

Meet Marta
Marta’s the hugger of the team. An infectious giggler, multi-lingual Marta loves freedom, films meant for kids (don’t get her started on the Moana soundtrack!) and hiking in the mountains. So much goes into the photography of a wedding, but for Marta it’s the early stages of the process and the chance for a cuppa and a good old chat to get to know you that really make her tick. She’s got an excellent memory for names and faces, and a real ability to capture joy on her camera.

Meet Artur
A man of few words, Artur is incredibly observant and able to find killer compositions in pretty much any space. An outdoorsman and a treasure hunter (ask him about his trusty metal detector), Artur loves discovering new things (or very old things, for that matter), and piecing together their stories.

We complement each other well, because we naturally zone in on different things during a wedding:
We’re yin and yang
Chalk and cheese
Art and science
Friendly chatterbox and silent ninja…

And we’re both totally invested in you and your crazy beautiful celebration of love.

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