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Collection Fifteen Judges

Excited to reveal our judges for Collection 15: The fantastic (clockwise, from top-left) Laura Ranftler, Erum Rizvi, Gareth Lima Conlon, Geeshan Bandara and Simon Leclercq.

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Laura Ranftler

Laura Ranftler is one of the best wedding photographers in Yorkshire and the UK – she was in our Top 100 Photographers of 2019 list with 4 Reportage Awards won.

erum rizvi

Erum Rizvi was named one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars and is one of the top wedding photographers in the USA.

gareth lima conlon

Gareth Lima Conlon is one of the best documentary wedding photographers in Ireland, with three Reportage Awards under his belt so far.

geeshan bandara

Geeshan Bandara is one of the best wedding photojournalists in Sri Lanka, and has won five Reportage Awards and a Story Award from us.

Simon Leclercq

Simon Leclercq is one of the best Belgium wedding photographers, with 7 Reportage Awards and 5 Story Awards. You can also listen to his Podcast interview over here.

Thanks again to our judges for Collection 15! Deadline is 23:59 BST on 24th May 2020apply to join us and submit over here.

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