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This is Now

We love to feature the recent work of our TiR members; the moments they’ve been capturing all around the world over the past month or so. It’s so interesting to see all the different ways our photographers capture things; the different elements they see and appreciate – always a real pleasure to feature!

Check back every few weeks for our latest ‘This is Now’ features. Here are the ones so far:

This is Now

It’s the time of year when wedding photographers all throughout the world are busier than ever, and it’s once again a sheer delight to present some of our members’ recent work, from weddings captured over the past few weeks. As with the first couple of our ‘This is Now’ features, the quality of work by our This is Reportage photographers is just immense, with such a wide range of different moments captured, in such a wide range of styles. A real pleasure to see!

As always with us, we’re all about featuring the natural, real moments; documentary wedding photography at its very best. No poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

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This is Now

It’s been another incredibly busy couple of weeks in the wedding world, and we’re thrilled to feature some moments that our TiR members have been capturing recently. Just like the first time we collated some of our members’ current work, we absolutely love seeing the variety of moments captured, and the different ways our members capture them: Tender moments, laugh-out-loud moments, artistic moments, what-on-Earth-is-going-on-there? moments…brilliant, brilliant work.

So, enough of the words; on to the imagery! Here’s a selection of photos captured from recent weddings all over the world from the last few weeks. As always with us, these are documentary captures – no poses; nothing staged: This is Reportage.

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This is Now

We’re in the thick of wedding season at the moment, with photographers working flat out documenting couples’ weddings the world over. In the first of a new, regular series for us, we want to showcase some of our members’ current work – the moments they’ve been capturing (and editing, oh yes, all that editing!) recently.

It’s an absolute delight to see such a variety of different recent moments – and the variety of ways our different members captured them, with each photographer having their own distinct style. A real pleasure to see what our members are witnessing – and capturing! – during their recent weddings.

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