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This is Ralf Czogallik – Collection Twelve Judge

Honoured to announce the second of our five judges for Collection Twelve: The brilliant Ralf Czogallik! Based in the Netherlands and shooting all over the world, we’re very excited to see what Ralf and our other judges pick as their winners for our Reportage and Story Awards soon…!

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Ralf Czogallik

Not only is Ralf a multi-award winner himself (such as Top 10 Fearless of 2016, and overall winner of Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography 2015 – 2016, amongst many others) but he’s also a super lovely guy – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times now; I challenge you to be in his company for just a few seconds and not smile!

There’s a real dynamism and creativity to Ralf’s work, as you can see from just the few example captures in this post. Really recommend checking out more of his work, and any of his blog posts – such as this one – just a sheer joy to look through; such diverse and unique documentary work!

Ralf Czogallik

Thanks so much to Ralf for judging for us for Collection Twelve!

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