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This is Lyndsey Goddard – Collection Eleven Judge

Thrilled to announce the fourth of our five judges for Collection Eleven: The fantastic Lyndsey Goddard! Overall winner of Best Wedding Photographer in England (TWIA / 2017), and one of the best documentary wedding photographers in London, it’s a real honour for us to have Lyndsey curating our Reportage and Story Award entries for Collection Eleven.

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Lyndsey Goddard

The possessor of five TiR Awards (3 Reportage Awards and 2 Story Awards), Lyndsey was also the top-ranked UK photographer at WPJA in 2016. With the overall winner of TWIA under her belt too, this is some serious pedigree – a truly brilliant documentary wedding photographer; it’s an honour to have her as part of our judging panel.

Lyndsey Goddard

As you can see from just the few example Reportage Awards that she has won in this post, Lyndsey manages to capture moments truly creatively – on the fly, creating art, without any input or direction; exactly what we are trying to promote here at TiR.

“I won’t stop any of the proceedings, set shots up, boss you around or ask anyone to pose for the camera. In short, you’ll barely know I’m there, which means you can enjoy the day fully knowing every precious moment is being captured.”

Lyndsey Goddard

Thanks so much to Lyndsey for agreeing to judge for us!

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