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Going With The Flow

An important aspect of wedding photography is being able to ‘go with the flow’; to adapt and mold to whatever is going on around us. Afterall, it’s incredibly rare that a wedding ‘goes to plan’, so to speak, so our ability to think on our feet, to quickly – and expertly – cope with any given situation, is paramount. Here are some articles by our TiR photographers about this very notion:

This Is How: ‘Smokin’ Grandpa & The Furious 3′ by Christoforos Mechanezidis

Honoured to have Christoforos Mechanezidis on the site today, telling us exactly how he captured this Reportage Award from Collection Six. This is a fantastically detailed piece, with Rossi going into real depth about his thought process and technique, including lots of great insights into observation, intuition, and much more…thanks so much, Rossi!

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This Is How: ‘Waiting Time’ by Emilie Marchandise

Lovely to have Belgium-based This is Reportage member Emilie Marchandise on the site today, telling us all about how she captured this Reportage Award-winning shot from Collection Six. Thanks so much, Emilie!

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This Is How: ‘Keep Shooting’ by Geertje Vierhout

Delighted to have TiR member Geertje Vierhout on the site today, as she tells us all about how she captured this unique image! Such an important and strong theme that Geertje details in this piece; a tip that is truly universal – and we find out exactly why below…Thanks, Geertje!

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This Is How: ‘Trinity’ by Menino Conhece Menina

Delighted to have the fantastic Portugal-based duo Menino Conhece Menina on the site today to tell us how they captured this brilliant moment that won a Reportage Award back in Collection Four. I really love this piece; great tips and sentiments about going with the flow, curiosity as a wedding photographer’s great tool, composition and more. One of my favourite quotes, too: “If nothing is going on where I am, that means I’m in the wrong place…”. A brilliant piece, thanks so much, both!

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