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Podcast Episode 98: This is Alpár Lukácsi

It was such a pleasure to chat to the fab Alpár Lukácsi for episode 98 of the Podcast! Alpár has been in our Top 10 Romanian Photographers for the past two years in a row, and has won six Reportage Awards from us. He talks about one of those specific Awards on the episode today, as well as lots of other things, including:

  • how you should never be satisfied,
  • shooting his first weddings in his early twenties,
  • the importance of empathy,
  • having a positive mindset,
  • why his Grandfather is such a huge inspiration for him,
  • destination weddings,
  • and much more…

Before we get on to Alpár, I just wanted to wish you all a fantastic Christmas; I hope you have a super holiday season, and here’s to 2022 being better than this year (and the last…!). Thank you so much for tuning in to the Podcast this year – I feel so grateful to you all for listening in; it’s so great that the photographers I chat to each week are being listened to by hundreds of people all over the world – so, thank you. Thanks also to the people who share things about the Podcast on their socials, Insta Stories… to the people who have very kindly messaged or emailed me to say how they’re enjoying the podcast, and to those who have left reviews; it’s all super appreciated; thank you.

To This is Reportage and This is Reportage: Family members, I just want to say how it’s been amazing – as ever – to see all your brilliant work this year – you are all so talented, and I know this year hasn’t been the easiest; thank you for sharing your work, opening yourselves up to our live critique sessions, submitting to our awards, coming over to our party in London, and just being the fab community of lovely people that you all are.

I’ll be taking a little break from the Podcast over the holidays, but we’ll be back early in the New Year, and we’ll be doing something a little special for our 100th episode, which is just a couple of episodes away now. Honestly, I can’t quite believe that we’re almost at that milestone already; it honestly only feels like a couple of months ago that I released the first few episodes, without any hope or expectation about how they would be received – or even if they’d be listened to at all! – so I can’t quite believe we’re nearly at 100 already…!

Lastly, just a mention that this episode was recorded towards the end of October, so please excuse us if any time-sensitive talk is a little out of date…

Right, over to Alpár…

As always, you can listen on all the usual places: Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and below in this post:

Below is the Reportage Award that Alpár talks about on the episode:

We now have 98 episodes of the podcast, and each and every episode contains so many personal stories, bits of advice and tips from world-class photographers. Over here you can find them all – including all our wedding photography podcast episodes – or head over here for our family photography podcast episodes.

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