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Podcast Episode 73: This is Patrick Lombaert

This episode of the This is Reportage Podcast is sponsored by eneloop pro batteries by Panasonic

this is reportage podcast - this episode is sponsored by eneloop pro batteries

Excited to welcome the fab Patrick Lombaert on to our Podcast for episode 73! Patrick is one of the very best documentary wedding photographers in France, and was our 2nd-ranked French photographer for 2020, with 8 Reportage Awards and a Story Award. Not only is he a great photographer, but he has also very selflessly passed on his knowledge and helped out over 80 of his colleagues with over 170 hours of free online skype/zoom conversations too – something which I find truly remarkable, and we talk about that on the episode today, along with many other things, including:

why the good photographer is not the invisible one, the in-between moments, his own reasons for entering awards, shooting during covid times, how he became a photographer, the story behind one of his specific Reportage Awards, tips for if you’re feeling a bit unhappy or stagnated with your work, and much more…

By the way, this interview took place on 26th March 2021, so if we speak about anything time-or-date related that maybe isn’t relevant right now (things change so quickly during these covid times), you know why there’s that discrepancy.

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Below is the Reportage Award that Patrick talks about on the episode:

You can also find out more about the various different training/mentoring options that Patrick provides.

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