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Podcast Episode 44: This is Alex Vita

Excited to have something a bit different for this week’s Podcast, as we talk to the fab Alex Vita about something which is very dear to each and every photographers’ hearts: Our websites. Alex has a massive amount of experience when it comes to web design, having worked on over 200 websites – and, more than that, he specifically only works on photography-sites, so he really knows his stuff.

There is so much great info shared by Alex in this episode, including the most common mistakes he sees photographers doing on their sites, why user experience can be much more important than SEO, tips on images and optimisation, how you can differentiate yourself from the competition, the importance of personality on your site, and much more…

As well as designing and creating sites for photographers, Alex also offers lots of educational services – such as online courses and articles. Check out his site for more info.

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You can listen to the Podcast on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and below in this post:

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