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Sarah Rittenour

United States

Hello! I'm Sarah.

Los Angeles born, Tahoe raised, Bay Area Bread... er, I guess that's supposed to be bred isn't it? Anyway, yes, I am one hundred percent a California girl. Aside from photography, I live for travel, food, and wine, in that order. I've made my home in Santa Cruz (along with my partner pictured with me, above) because I can't imagine anything better than living right between the redwoods and the beach. As an avid traveler, I'll go just about anywhere for a good story, though.

My Story

I've never been much for tradition, so you can imagine weddings were never really my "thing" when I first picked up a camera.

Even in terms of photography, I've always admired the unconventional. Photographers like Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and David LaChapelle drew me in because they did something just a little odd and different. They're also amazing storytellers in their own unique ways. The storytelling aspect of photography is actually what lead me into shooting weddings.

While I still wouldn't call myself a "wedding person," I have discovered that modern weddings rarely resemble the boring, stuffy nightmares I'd been warned of in my photojournalism days. My favorite weddings are the ones where you and your partner's personalities show throughout the day rather than getting lost in all the things you "have" to do. I love being part of a day filled with so much love and excitement and what I aim to do is find you in all of it.

My Style

I'd call it a fusion of photojournalism and fashion photography with a focus on humor, authenticity, and those perfectly imperfect in-between moments. I love photographing weddings that are unconventional, nontraditional, and intimate.
I believe that photography is just as much about the experience as it is about the images themselves. If you don't enjoy yourself, you won't look back at your photos and feel that happy fluttering in your stomach. It will just feel fake. When you're looking at your photos 10, 20, 50 years from now, I want you to say, "I can't believe what an amazing day that was."

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